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Top 10 Bizarre Online Communities

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Not much introduction is needed here, the title says it all. Here are the most bizarre online communities the Internet has to offer. Please let me know in the comments if there are any other ones out there I might have missed. Thanks.

  1. My Free Implants

    This is a network for all you girls and women out there who dream about having a boob job done, but can’t afford it. Just register here, and you’ll have a chance to meet gentlemen who just might make that dream come true. Don’t believe it? See for yourself.

    Visit MyFreeImplants

  2. Daily Diapers

    DailyDiapers is the internets premiere free community for Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Big Kids, Mommies and Daddies featuring over 10,000 photos of diapered women, men and couples; Plus stories, diaper reviews, videos, personal ads, message boards, polls and so much more! Please note: DailyDiapers is an adult community.

    Visit the Daily Diapers

  3. Walker Tracker

    This is an original concept indeed. Here is a community website for pedometer fans (whatever that means), to keep track of their steps. Wow! Interesting feature: they also offer custom walking programs for organizations, corporations, and municipalities.

    Visit WalkerTracker

  4. Post a Secret

    If you have a secret that’s weighing down on you, spill your guts out on a postcard and mail it to Post A Secret community. It just might make you feel better.

    Visit Post A Secret

  5. I 4give U

    If you have a secret to post, than you probably have a confession to make too. Here’s where you can not just confess, but get forgiven and forgive others.

    Visit I4GiveU

  6. Vampire Freaks

    A social community for Vampires and Vampire fans, dedicated to promoting Gothic Industrial culture. Any questions?

    Visit VampireFreaks

  7. Pot Space

    As their motto says, “A Place for Stoners”. This is the adult social networking community for marijuana enthusiasts around the world.

    Visit Pot Space

  8. Euro Gay Police

    This is not a fetish website. It is a real, operative online network serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual police in Europe.

    gaypoliceVisit EuroGayPolice

  9. Meet An Inmate

    This is a network for men and women who are in prison to connect with those of us who are outside. A great place to find pen-pals who reply quickly and write often.


  10. Zombie Preparedness Initiative

    This is a community of citizens concerned about the impending zombie invasion and the imminent disaster that is sure to follow. They are gathering knowledge and sharing the acquired information with the public in order to help people prepare for the very real threat when zombies show up and governments have not taken the time to prepare. They are working to do what they can to help people find others in their area that are interested in fighting against the zombies so that when the time comes there can be safe locations all around the world.


    Zombie Preparedness Initiative

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  1. This very interesting!! I laugh so much, grate websites!!!:):)

  2. Soft Speaker says:

    How do they come up with these things?

  3. buy me boobs, hahah!!! Genius!!

  4. Wonderful content you have made. I have found this website while searching google and now I gotta say time good invested on google.

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