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Top Ten Amazing Animal Videos on Youtube

I just spent a few days watching amazing animal videos on Youtube. There is so much to see and learn about the wildlife, the unusual animals and curious animal behavior. Here I’d like to share this list of Top 10 Fascinating Wildlife Videos that you might have missed.

  1. ‪Battle at Kruger‬

    This has got to be one of the most viewed videos on youtube. If you haven’t had the chance to watch it before, don’t miss it now. And if you did watch it before, I’m sure you won’t resist the second viewing.

  2. The Cougar Scene

    Another amazing piece of film capturing the wildlife, from beautiful to ruthless to ultimately touching.

  3. Wild Owls Hunting

    Beautifully filmed, this video will give you a new appreciation of the owls’ hunting abilities.

  4. Leopard Slug Mating

    There is nothing more fascinating than the mating ritual of the Leopard Slug.

  5. Amazon Ants

    In the jungles of the Amazon, a colony of ants will build a boat with their bodies in order to get to the other side of the river.

  6. The Amazing Lyre Bird

    The Australian Lyre Bird can reproduce with amazing accuracy any sound it hears. You gotta see it to believe it.

  7. Flying Penguins

    Recently an unusual colony of Penguins was discovered: the Penguins that can fly!

  8. The Fearless Honey Badger

    Here is one unseemly creature that can stand up to any enemy. The African Honey Badger may have gotten its name for showing no fear when faced with the dangerous African bees, but it is known for being capable of defying a lion.

  9. Jesus Christ Lizard

    ‪The Basilisk lizard ‬is ‪found in Central and South American rainforests near rivers and streams.‬ ‪It is also known as the Jesus Christ Lizard, or Lagarto de Jesus Cristo‬,‪ for its ability to run on the surface of water.‬

  10. Anaconda Hunts

    Anacondas don’t need venom to take down their pray. This short video shows the anaconda hunting down a capybara, the world’s largest rodent, weighing around 100 pounds. I can’t decide what’s stranger, the anaconda or the giant rats.

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