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Top 10 Worst Electronic Cigarettes

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E-cigarettes are spreading like an epidemic on the internet, which is not surprising considering that they are the first alternative to smoking that closely simulates a real smoking experience, yet without many negative effects of tobacco smoking. E-cigarettes are looking very promising and are already revolutionizing the way many people smoke.

Unfortunately, the growing popularity of e-cigs is also reflected in the increasing number of spam emails which offer Free Trials for a low quality or non-existent product, then proceed to overcharge your credit card on monthly basis. The FREE Trials are class A scams, and there are new e-cig sites popping up every day. After having researched many different electronic cigarette brands, to publish the Top 10 Electronic Cigarettes list, we thought it was only fair to give you the top 10 e-cig brands you should stay away from.

  1. Smoking Everywhere

    It is unfortunate that Smoking Everywhere has gained such vast exposure and proliferation on the market. Of all the e-cigs on the internet, this brand performs the worst. It is unreliable, poorly designed, and overpriced. And if you buy it you’ll soon find that it’s non-refundable too.

  2. Smoke51

    Owned by Smoking Everywhere, so it is basically the same scam in different wrapping. Well known for various e-cig scams, such as Smoke Star. If you fall for the free trial “only for the cost of shipping and handling $9.95”, you will soon find that your credit card was charged a further $89.95, and then billed $29.95 monthly for refills. Try contacting the customer service by phone or email, and you are in for a long wait. You won’t be able to cancel the billing, only your credit card. This is a scam and a ripoff big time.


  3. Direct E-Cig

    Here is another well known brand that gives e-cigs a bad name. Direct E-Cig is in fact a rip-off company.  They advertise a Free Offer, after which your credit card will be charged $109.90 exactly 14 days after the initial ‘free’ order. They refer to their ‘Terms and Conditions’ when you call to complain about the charges to your credit card. The Terms and Conditions are ‘hidden’ at the bottom of the Free Trial page, and unless you use magnifying glass, you can’t see the print.

    Surprisingly, Direct E-Cig does not have a bad product, only an outdated one. Their model uses 3 part design, which means that the atomizer must be cleaned and maintained. Compared to new electronic cigarette models where each new cartridge comes with an atomizer built in, you could get a much better value for your money.


  4. Knight Sticks

    This is a typical e-cig scam, offering “FREE” Trial that will eventually cost you more than $120 just for the Starter Kit, plus you won’t be able to cancel further charges of $60 per month for the refills. Low quality Chinese product. No refunds. Lots of unhappy customers.

  5. Prado E-Cigarette

    If you google Prado e-cigarette, you will find tons of negative comments on this brand. Most customers complain that the vapor at first is good like a normal cig but that diminishes over a few hours and then it needs recharging or cartridge replacement. Prado cartridges don’t last more than 2-3 hours.The fine print says that when ordering you must! contact them within the 14day window from the moment of purchase until you receive the product to cancel any further orders or you’ll risk being charged 149.90 out of your account for the trial offer.
    prado ecig

  6. LUX E-Cig

    LUX e-cig is very heavy, e-liquid leaks and gets all over your lips. The vapor is weak and you can’t inhale enough to get the the feel of smoking. You can get the “FREE” trial with 4.95 shipping. Afterward your credit card will be charged $99.67 for the original kit, and then within a couple of weeks $69.68 more will be deducted from your account. You won’t be able to cancel the order, only change your credit card.


  7. Elektro Cig

    Here is another e-cig company with a bad reputation. Major complaints have been made about late shipments and unauthorized multiple charges to customers’ credit cards for shipping and handling. In addition, Elektro Cig seem to profit like Microsoft by releasing new cartridge models that don’t fit previously purchased e-cigarette of the same brand. The battery has a short life, and if you have a complaint, their customer service will not respond to emails or phone calls.

  8. Clean Smoke

    Another sad e-cig story… Clean Smoke advertises on FaceBook their “Free” Trial Kit, for the cost of shipping that is supposed to be $4.00. However, before your order even gets to you, your credit card will be charged for $128 more for somthing called “SmileKit” (Go ahead, smile!) If you try to phone the company to cancel the billing you’ll find that none of the numbers work. Many unhappy customers.


  9. Smoke Assassin

    Smoke Assist an Smoke Assassin are the same company. Their e-cigarette is very mild and tastes like caramel candy. There have been numerous complaints on their fraudulent marketing strategies and poor privacy policy.

    Your information will be sold for marketing and you be re-billed every month for product. It is virtually imposable to cancel as they don’t provide the information they later demand to reverse billing. The Customer service is third-party and will assure that you never come to a resolution on your complaints. Your “free trial” will cost you $80.00-$160.00 at least.


  10. Smoker’s Savior

    The line of unhappy customers of Smokers Savior is long, as is the list of complaints: late shipping, third-party customer service that cannot resolve any problems, auto-billing, no refunds… Their e-cig has very poor reviews. Customers complain that the device cannot hold a charge longer than a few minutes, the atomizer has issues, and cartridges leak. All in all, the product is useless. As far as the billing of it, that part is definitely a scam. They just want your card number and then they go wild with it. Beware!


Electronic cigarette models and prices range from $50 to over $200 for a Starter Kit, so you would want to know what it is you are getting out of it. Do your research before you buy. A few extra bucks spent on the initial Starter Kit can save you a lot of money in the long run, and make a big difference in vaping quality.

Check out the trusted premium brands that provide full time customer service and money back guarantee.

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  1. i like it Top 10 Electronic Cigarettes to lodge Away From / E-Cig Scams now im your rss reader

  2. Its true, smoking everywhere should not be on the market. I paid $110 and all the parts are crap. No refunds. Before rushing into buying another one, its good to look at a website that tells all about ecigs. I like electroniccigs.us and ecigs-shop.com. i know more behind the ecig instead of just using it without knowing much background!
    Havent bought a new one yet, looking around online. Any suggestions let me know

  3. Great thread I love seeing stuff like this that tells the truth. I too have a similar article with a few companies that you haven’t mentioned here that I would love to share with everyone. worst electronic cigarette. I think you will be pretty surprised by the worst article as it has some very well known names on there.

  4. Miss Belle says

    That’s why I buy mine at my local cigarette shop.

    • Local shops actually tend to have the worst e-cigs overall. They are cheap knock offs that break more often and usually taste like garbage. If you found a good one at a local shop thats awesome though. I would like to know the location of the shop if you care to share. However most people who actually dislike ecigs, and yes there are some people who dont like them, is because they got it at a local shop or the flea market or something and it was garbage. At least thats how it is in my experience and I have spoken to ALOT of people about them since its like my fave invention of all time and it never fails that when i find someone that actually dislikes them they always tell me that they got it at a local shop or flea market or something.

      If you see this response please do share the location of the store I would love to contact them and see what they are carrying if you didnt mind. Not just city and state though. More like the street and name of shop kind of thing.

      Thanks bunches!

      • I have to agree with you. The worst e-cig brands are the ones available at local shops and especially in the pharmacies, where they sell them as smoking cessation aids. Bad, bad, bad!

  5. When I ordered a ecig trial there was a free video for 15days attached and then a charge on your credit card which I will be paying off next week and closing because of ECIG.. since the telephone number on the website that advertises the TV program the doctors endorsing their product, IS INCORRECT… the website is an advertisement page and the number does not work ..that number is
    Registration link http://www.thinkfreelivefree.com
    Think Free Live Free customer service 1-800-361-4428

    when you call ecig back at 866 830 2464 or one of the other 2 #s I have found out since
    1 888 676 7887 and or 1 877 676 7887 you get sent to 1888 415 7868 which is a DIFFERENT company that was nice enough to give me 866 830 2464 when you call back to that number they give you THIS NUMBER 888 820 4479 and at that number which is suppose to be for THINK FREE LIVE FREE EACH TIME YOU CALL without hearing the company name.. an answering machine says you are next in line you’re caller NUMBER 1 and the call will take no more than ONE MINUTE… for the hell of it I held on for TEN… not once of the three times have I gotten through to a live person.. I called back e-cig of course you can’t talk to a manager unless you give all your information again. I just wanted them to hear I KNOW what they are doing and I WILL as on this blog as number one BE BLOGGING and contacting consumer affairs.!!!

    THIS was the link I used which will probably not work

    If you look up lifestyle journal or ecigs.. you might find a new page with a new date of only so many kits available.. EVERY TIME YOU SEARCH you will find a new date and a new amount available.. It took me 3 times b4 I finally decided hell let me go for it for 4.95 how bad can it taste (some will pay 9.95) WELL IT TASTE REAL BAD, the taste in my mouth of their con game.. thanks for having this site to post to.. OFF TO ANOTHER after I copy this post.. Take care.. hoorray to you who are quitting me too… (sorry ,not my real email)

  6. Thanks for the instant post, maybe someone will be stopped before they get caught up with this con-artist ecig and thinkfreelivefree and hell maybe even the LIFESTYLE JOURNAL ALSO who I fault also for not checking who they are reviewing UNLESS of course IT IS RAN by ECIG or LIVE FREE which is more than likely the case… I’m going to check right now who owns it.. Ok guys I just checked. They have a private registration.. NEWS blogs… don’t privatize their company.. and I just noticed it says advertorial on the top of the LIVESTYLE-jounal.com site I mentioned earlier.. so it is probably all part of the scam group.. hope my dilemma helps someone else… good thing you have him

  7. One other company to watch out for is Regal Cigs. Same free trial offer and then the monthly membership. Cancelled my card and will call company tomorrow based in Arizona. Hopefully I can stop the bleeding.

    • Our terms and conditions are very clear but we do not want people to feel like they are being misled. We are a legitimate company and take our customer satisfaction very serious. Please send me your contact information to support@regalcigs.com and I will take care of you.

  8. I got scammed by Regal cig also. $4.95 shipping for the free trial but they ended up taking $119.95 from my account. I called the bank to stop the pay but it was too late, transaction was made from San Diego. Don’t believe what they say, this is a scam I had to cancel my credit card to stop them from further scam.

  9. Regal is a scam free trial for $4.95 then get you for $119.95 2 weeks later does anyone know about emerald lux because they had the same offer free trial just pay $4.95 shipping.

  10. On friday 4/20/2012 I ordered the regal cigs “Free 14 day trial starter kit, 30 day money back guarantee. Didn’t like it so I called them on friday 5/4/2012 to cancel at 2:47pm. Checked my bank account that same day and found a charge for $119.95 billed at 1:40am! It was not even the full 2 weeks and they already charged me! Had to call the bank to cancel my credit card. Then I called regal customer service to dispute it and all I got was the RUDEST people in the world telling me that I have to pay a 20% restocking fee and will not see a refund until they recieve the product back! I threw a fit!!! I asked the rude little girl on the phone to speak to her manager over 10 TIMES!!!!!!! And all she would do is patronize me, talk over me and tell me that was their policy. After arguing with her for almost 20 minutes she finally put a manager on the phone who had the same disgusting attitude repeating them selves like they were reading a script! They are the most corrupt business I have ever dealt with and I sincerely warn everyone not to get sucked into their trap!

  11. George Hartung says

    I ordered the Regal e-cigarette and was old the cigarette was free and would only have to pay for shipping if I ordered replacements in advance. I wanted to make a full effort to quit smoking and since the new replacements were shipped free of shipping charges. I called for more information and they said no charge shipping on reorders after the 14 day free trial. I thought it was cheap enough and the female person I was talking to asked me how much I smoke. I told her 2 packs a day and she said this would help. I received the first order fast – like 4 days. 3 days later I got another box from them. I opened the box and it had 350 e-cigerettes in it and the invoice said I ordered a year supply, I checked my credit card bill and I was charged $2245.50 for them all. No refund or return! I think its unfair !.

  12. I enjoy what you guys are up too. Such clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll.

    • rrarae satterfield says

      Ipurchased my e-cigarette thru Apollo and have had absolutely no problems. I was a one and a half pack smoker and I now have not had a cigarette in over four months. I dont miss them and I can honestly say that I never would have been able to quit without the e-cig. I had tried so many times before and just couldnt handle it. This has seriously been my salvation.

  13. Emily S. says

    Nice to see some of these ‘wild west retailers’ being called out…

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