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Best Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes came out just a few years ago, and already this young industry is nearing 1,000 e-cigarette brands in the USA alone. The global number is, of course, much higher and harder to calculate.

Variety is good as tastes differ, and healthy competition creates incredibly fast product growth and development. In that sense, ecigarette is a gadget that is being upgraded faster than iPhone. If you tried an ecig before and didn’t think much of it, grab another one now, and think again.

The new e-cigarette models have longer battery life, thicker vapour, better flavours



  1. Really it’s a great source of information. You have shared a huge information about electronic cigarettes.

  2. I didn’t realize that there were so many different kinds of electronic cigarettes. My father used them to quit smoking. He smoked for over 30 years. It was amazing to see him quit.

  3. Julie Myers says:

    It is really nice to get some reviews on different e-cigarettes. I have been wanting to stop smoking regular cigarettes and switch to the electronic variety. I like that many of these come in many flavors. It might be good for me to try a few different ecigs to see what I think of all the options. Thanks for sharing these ten options in your post!

  4. some really good info on ecigs

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