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Top 10 Cigarette Smoking Alternatives

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If you are like me, truly passionate about smoking, then you are bound to feel like a second rate citizen whose personal freedom has been evaded.  I am not talking about social smokers, but real aficionados who like to have their nicotine fix at regular intervals, preferably not more than an hour apart. Those of you who are most productive with a cigarette in your hand know what I am talking about. Have you ever considered switching to electronic cigarettes? I know,  I know… It sounds  bizarre to say the least, but if you do some research like

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  1. Dean Forsaw says:

    Nice list. I did some research too before stumbling upon your page, and I think you’ve pretty much covered it. Personally, I recommend green smoke. I tried luci and njoy, but green smoke beats them by far in effectiveness and replacement cartridges last long and are good value.

  2. I have got one of these but any idea how long they are supposed to last?

  3. Yeah, I’m a greensmoker too.

    • I agree with you, Greensmoke is good.

    • have u guys seen e-cigaretteschoice.com
      its great has great deals a bit rough on shipping but its well worth it.
      it has the brand No.7 and they have great quality batteries and cartomizers that last 275 puffs per charge
      check out the site youll see what i mean

  4. I would push NJOY and Premium toward the top. They both offer almost exactly the same products as Green Smoke at cheaper prices. Plus, NJOY’s new NPRO DUO is amazing and Premium just released some crazy-cool designs for their batteries.

    • personnally I would take them right off the list. I received mine at Christmas 2010 within 3 weeks the batteries quit working. Company claimed charger was recalled so sent replacement batteries and charger. guess what after just over a month same problem.
      I would say they should be taken off the list until they figure out what is wrong with their equipment.

    • lol…Njoy suck…Green Smoke is the only one you should ever use.PERIOD

  5. Great review! I think I’ll go for the Cigarti.

  6. Francesca Webb says:

    Nicotine is one of the most addicting substance in this world so avoid smoking cigarettes..“

    • no these are not. marijuana is.

      • Actually, marijuana is not physically addictive, it’s mentally addictive, like video games. The active ingredient is naturally occurring in your brain, just not at such high levels, while nicotine is not. So, I’d say marijuana is a healthier alternative.

        • jessicajayson says:

          You are wrong to differentiate ‘mental’ and ‘physical’ ‘addiction’. The mental-physical dichotomy is a false one, whilst ‘addiction’ is an umbrella diagnostic term encompassing many different physiological states. ‘Marijuana addiction’ and ‘tobacco addiction’ simply work on different neural pathways- different processes. In other words, it is all physical, just different forms of ‘addiction’.

          I had to comment- this mental-physical differentiation is harmful particularly to those suffering from diagnosed mental illness.

      • Kati, I cant believe that you just said that. Nicotine is PROVEN to be ADDICTIVE, marijuana is PROVEN NOT TO BE.

        Not that im bashing on nicotine, i use the Greensmoker, excellent product. Just dont be under illusions that that you will not be addicted to nicotine when your cartridge runs out….

        • It’s true. While other drugs generally use receptors that already exist in your brain to give you the reaction that they do, there is no receptor in your brain to accept nicotine. One of the reasons quitting smoking is so difficult is because when you do smoke, your brain then creates receptors specifically for nicotine. They have no other use but to accept nicotine into your system, and they never go away once they have formed. That is why it is so easy to go back to smoking, or if you have quit successfully, you still enjoy the smell of cigarettes. But studies have recently shown that nicotine really isn’t all that bad for you, it is just about as bad as caffeine, but it is the way in which your receive the drug which is so harmful on your body.

    • Once I started using the vapor type cigarettes B.O.B it became very clear to me WHY people sued tobacco companies. They add other ingredients that are also addictive and in fact, addict you faster. That was an ‘aha’ moment for me when I smoked my vapor cig and realized something was missing and it wasn’t all of the ‘mist/smoke’. Took me a week to get used to it and now? I just puff on it so I can taste grape. I’m diabetic and candy is a no no. I’ve reduced my over all intake of nicotine and plan to go to zero and smoke those! why? Because I can see the benefit of it. I’m experienced in both pharmacy and natural products and make my own products. I love the fact that A. I do NOT cough or wheeze. B. When I did it was all brown and icky so thats gone….I have more air and that = more energy. I can’t help but feel if you research the product you will choose, if its simply a product that is a humectant its stands to reason that over time it will influence the AMA to look closer at this and perhaps they can find a way to help smokers quit and REVERSE some of the damage done. For now? We are not getting tar or any of the other nasties to include arsenic in some cases and no second hand smoke. That said I do agree with you. I quit smoking for five years and regretted it , now? I’m thrilled that I’m already at half the amount of nicotine in record time and not eating the house.

    • Well yeah, of course. But once you’ve crossed that threshold and have smoked for years…at some point you can A. smoke till you drop over……or find a gentler way to deal with it while NOT inhaling the immense amount of other chemicals in cigarettes. I’m the first to say I’m ashamed I began to smoke after having quit 5 years and it stabs my heart to see my daughters smoke….so if I can get them to accept this vs the other? perhaps once they begin to stop wheezing, see the money they save etc they’ll be able to quit on their own. I’ll the the little old lady who just puffs cherry or grape and not inhale…..

  7. Smokeless Delite is by far the best electronic cigarettes

  8. Aimee Chapman says:

    i vape smokeless delite, and am very happy with it. haven’t tried any other devices, but if it ain’t broken why fix it, right?

  9. one of the most effective solution for bad breath is none other than Bactidol, it really helps ~-;

  10. cobravapor says:

    I have been researching e-cigarettes for the past 6 months, I tried some of the top brands. I found that most of these companies our way overpriced for what you get and almost all of them just come with one atomizer which gets screwed up every time you put on a new cartridge which then produces barely any smoke . The best ones to get are the disposable cartridge and atomizers in one. You don’t have to worry about buying a new atomizer every week which ends up costing you a lot of money. I ended up with a fairly new company called cobravapor, not only do they have disposable atomizers but they produce a lot of smoke that is about the closest thing to an actual cigarette. They our also the cheapest out the there for how much product you get. Check them out at cobravapor.com, A starter kit starts at 59.99.

    • try Greensmoke..you will love them…you get what you pay for.

      • I’ve been looking at those pretty hard. Having contacted several american companies (I do not trust the out sourced manufacturers) I’m hoping to find one that uses not only a humectant but sterile water or saline….but I do like my ‘grape’ and would LOVE to try pineapple. I was advised to not buy at quick stop shops etc . There are a LOT of these made in china. I choose to support this in the U.S. Our local smoke shop shop sells five for 7.95 and it touted to be made in Blanchard, Oklahoma. I’ve yet to get their ingredient list. I know I’m pushing it wanting a ‘flavor’ , something that I could do without but I’m getting to that point that zero nicotine and a puff here or there of flavor would actually keep me smoke free. Any one know about Clean Cig?

  11. Breakfast Nook  says:

    my bad breath have been resolved after switching to e-cigs…

  12. dont get a blu they suck big time!
    get a revolver ecig they are the best ive tried. (gemini)

  13. Bar Fridge says:

    when treating bad breath. i use an oral antiseptic like stabilized chlorine dioxide “

  14. i bought luci cuz my friend gave me a coupon code for it… haven’t tried others but my sister really loves green. everyone to their own, i like black =) pun intended muhaha

  15. Hi everyone,
    Fairly new to this topic, but I have some useful tips to add.
    I am passionate smoker, not too light, not too heavy. I would say 20-25-30 cigs per day, depending on a situation. Tried to quit couple of times, did not last more than a day.
    First I tried e-Puffer… Total disappointment!! No vapor, felt like I was chewing a pencil! At first thought that either part was broken, asked for replacement, got one. No change, still the same – no vapor, no taste whatsoever… nothing. Very very disappointed and sad, because I was expectng much much more.
    Then I left it alone for about a year. Read some electronic reviews recently on one of the sites and decided to try again, this time with SafeCig.
    Price ok (altough little more expensive than some), but the shipping killed me – I live in Canada and had to pay $30 just for shipping! That is (almost) the price of 15 refil cartridges!!! Not good.
    Anyway, I received my “Starter Kit Pro” (second most exensive) today and was happy to try it right away. And… very pleased!! Very pleased! I like the ammount of vapor, I like the “taste” (even though it is far from the real deal, still gives you some of the feeling that we all love) and I like the looks. Still don’t know how long will the cartridge last, but if it is true that one refil lasts like a whole pack of cigs… Sounds good.
    I hope I will continue to use this product, but it is still too early to say. So far so good.

  16. All Things Vaping says:

    This is a pretty healthy list of e cigarette brands. What are your thoughts on Volcano, Frii, Njoy, SmokeTip, and V2?

    • My husband and I just recently purchased the V2 couples kit. And needless to say, we are VERY disappointed. First of all, some of the cartridges produce vapor, some don’t. Also, my husband cannot get a cartridge that is strong enough for him. When we received the product, on our very first charge, they did not charge properly and I called customer service and they said they had been having problems with their chargers and they were aware of the problem and still shipped them anyway (RED FLAG), but that we had a one year warranty and that if it messed up the battery they would replace it within that time frame. I was VERY DISSATISFIED with this company and the product. Also, they will not refund the shipping, and we purchased other cartridges to make sure we found the one we liked best (thinking they would be worth the money and we would be satisfied with the product) and they will not refund our money for those either. I would NOT recommend this comany, they have faulty products, bad customer service and are NOT willing to please the customer. I hope this helped! Good luck on your e-cig journey….I am hoping mine and my husbands gets MUCH better! 🙂

      • You and me both. I bought a pack of the cartridges from greensmoke and bought the usb battery which has an amazingly long cord so you could actually smoke from a chair……but it didn’t work. So I contacted them, I dont think I had it even half an hour and did get someone (a bit snarky tho) and I’m going to have to send it back and pay the shipping, and then pay 15% restocking charge…now this battery isn’t cheap..and they say they stand behind their products. But they sent me a clear dud and I’m being penalized. So I asked ‘why are you charging me a fee for restocking if its broke?’ and the response was ‘because it didnt come from a kit’…..huh? Hm. I’m thinking…….there’s a link for accessories so we can add to our kits right? If I’d purchased another battery I’d hope they’d stand good for it. So they still will make money off of the deal and I’ll be out money because of the deal. What happened to customer service? I’ve got this nice and wrapped in bubble wrap and then in a bubble wrap envelop….I was instructed to do it that way. So we’ll see. For what I paid for that battery I could have gotten a generic kit really and probably been better off. I’ve got some old batteries and I’m going to refill them. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. The whole point was to get my spouse off of cigarettes and then off of nicotine . I prefer to buy U.S.A. made products and promote buying U.S.A made products but if it means I’m going to get ‘billed’ for something I purchased in good faith and looked at their ‘standards’….I can find another kit somewhere else. I just liked the size and they look like cigarettes and I just bought a kit and I’ll let you know how it goes but no where on that site did it say they were thinner than a virginia slip…Cost me 123.00 . The feed back is great and they too have a warranty and if this doesn’t do it, then I’ll send this back. I thought the point of going to e cigs was to also save money while not subjecting others to second hand smoke. And truth be told, if every body smoked them who are going to smoke that is, I’d rather they smoked e cigs and not risk falling asleep with a cig burning somewhere. Until I can find ‘the one’…I’ll simply do the fish tank fillers or the tea bag fillers and use my syringe and fill my own. I HATE my tank. I’m to darned old to look like I’m using a mini bong or stogie…that said, I’ve not had a cig in a few months and I do NOT miss them. I do miss grape flavors tho. And btw, pg can be an allergen for some people. i’m one of em. drat. I can use a little of the reduced pg or the 20 pg and 80 Vg but for now its all VG…I’ll be trying the Pro Smoke tonite and we’ll see. I’ve got my boxes and everything all tidy . Times are hard, and I actually want my spouse to hang around a few years longer and this is all I can think of. patches do not work for him , nor did the nic inhalers…and I can see the frustration on him because it has really hit him….’I’ve got to stop or I’m going to get cancer’ and that just creates the desire to smoke more ….insane . But all addictions are eh?

  17. ravimehra says:

    i love smoking. Never tried an e-cig, though. Been told Cirrus II is the best there is. Any truth to that?

    • i ‘gave up with a kit from http://www.savvycigs.com.
      Hvnt had a cig since 13th August!
      Best of luck

    • I’ve not tried it. My ‘mission’ is to find american made e-cigs vs those made in china. Those will be the ones you’ll find in kiosks in malls and at convenience stores….that said, a real tobacco shop that carries fine tobacco products may have something to offer. I enquired to a company about wholesaling and the lack of english proper was a dead give away…..I do not mean to sound like a bigot but we all know that they do not care about the sweat shops children work in over there and whats used in the products that are sent over here…and yes, I’ve been in position to back that statement up.

  18. Joycig does not work. It will work for a day or two, then the atomizer stops working. have tried 3 atomizers, many cartridges, and 3 batteries. If they worked all the time like they do the first day, they would be a winner. Too bad.

  19. I was just looking for this info for some time. After six hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your web site. I wonder what’s the lack of Google strategy that don’t rank this kind of unbiased informative sites in top of the list. Generally the top websites are full of garbage that comes from advertisers. . .

  20. Violare says:

    Good info. I’m interested in getting a kit, just want to make sure I’m making the best choice for myself. After reading all this talk about smoking, it’s time to do so. =P

  21. have tried the greensmoke, blu and the V2 products and I must say I was pretty dissapointed in them. inconsistent vapor and their customer service was pretty bad. Found a local supplier called Smokesation here in charlotte and they have been great. Good guys to deal with and everything I have wanted to try and find in a electronic cigarette. Just my .02 cents.

  22. Levy D. says:

    Electronic cigarettes – although not yet approved by major health organizations – are undoubtedly much better for your health than conventional cigarettes and offer numerous additional benefits.

  23. hello . everbody !
    I ‘m tity from Kanger e cigarette factory , we are in Shenzhen , China .
    And we offer original KR808D-1 , clear cartomizer .

    I would be more happy than to help you in any way I can .

    • Have tried my share of e-cigs. Greensmoke is by far the best. Cirrus from WhiteCloud is good too but they are too pricey. Just my two cents.

    • I was looking for some clarification on this new product, the electronic cigarette. I understand you have to try a few to get an idea of the diference between the brands. This sums it up, so thank you.

  24. Lou Ellen says:

    I need refills for the Ace Smoker and they don’t respond…it is the easiest and best one yet…what is comparable???

  25. Roidrage says:

    Hi Folks,

    I do not think the list is updated. there are fara out better e-cigarettes today. None of the e-cigarettes listed suits my fancy. What I want is something that I could take with me to work, vape during breaks and lunch (not to mention travel to work), and still have a few puffs by the time I get home.

    The best I have used so far are the Joye eGO-T, Joye eGO pass-through and the 510. All I need for a day is 1 e-cigarette, no charger, no spare cartridges, no e-juice bottle and these three fits the bill. You might need a spare battery if you have a 510. Gives a hell of a lot of vapor, and very,very sturdy,

    I gotta tell you folks, These 3 fits the bill.

  26. I have a blucig and I like the design and the blue colored tip and the black cig but the only problem is when I take a drag of it I have to pull very hard and only get smoke on the first one then it gets too hot or something and I have to wait forever for it to work again. By that time the battery dies. I hate it. I wish itworked cuz it was amazing when it did work

  27. Has anyone tried vapor pro? Not The vapor pro. I guess there is a difference lol. We got vapor pro at a fair and so far my dad seems to like it. Only had it for A couple days tho. And on their website there isn’t much variety but it seems like a legit product so far.

  28. I looked at the top two e-cig vendors listed here and have to say I was shocked at how overpriced they are. If you’re paying more for a “starter kit” than you pay for a carton of cigarettes, you are paying way too much. I also looked over the websites and couldn’t find any information about where the liquid in their e-cig carts is manufactured, so I’m guessing China. No thanks! I’ll take the liquid manufactured right here in the USA that’s made up fresh for each order and comes in a huge variety of flavors. (I have blueberry cheesecake, fuzzy navel, and tiramisu on the way now.)

    Please research carefully before making a purchase. I’d recommend checking e-cig forums that aren’t affilicated with any particular vendor. You’ll save yourself a lot of money and get a better quality product at the same time.

    • eciguser, you just took the words from my mouth. I too do NOT want anything made from china. When I was in pharmacy it came to light they were using ethylene glycol in cough syrup vs propylene glycol and what does that mean? Lots of people were actually taking a dose of antifreeze in that cough syrup …anybody see Tussinex around in a while? NOPE……in some cases they gave this to kids…so I’m totally ‘grow businesses within as healthy as one can and kick butt to show those who outsource were partly responsible for some people getting sick and some dying…..in some cases some of their asthma inhalers had NO active product in it , a propellant , but no med and my kid was an asthmatic. So I know what I want and where I want to see it made……IN THE GOOD U.S. OF A and for our Canadian friends and others…..we can deliver the goods , just give us a chance to do it eh?

  29. Has anyone used http://www.e-healthcigarettes.com? Would like to hear comments good or bad.
    Thank You!

  30. Green Smoke is the best on your like and its #2 for me, I am liking my V2 just a tad better. every other list i have looked at V2 has been in the top five and mostly in the top 2 but your list is ok too.

  31. After trying a few brands from the list above, I’ve decided to try ePuffer from http://www.epuffer.com

    Their new Colibri Micro electronic cigarette is something that I was waiting for. In love with the size~ when they say micro, they mean it. This unit is exactly the same size as a traditional king cigarette in length and in diameter.

    In love with the PCC~ The packaging is top notch. It is so cool in the feel of the little box to the color and the size. It is the same size as a real pack. It feels like you are really taking a cig out of pack. I love that…no more searching around the bottom of my purse for my e cig that had no home.

    In love with the battery life~ for a little unit, this sucker last a good amount of time. I started vaping from it yesterday around midday and used it until I went to bed, around 2 am. I put the little mini ecig in its case, switching out the batteries cause I figured it would need charging, and 20 minutes after I put in the pack, the little blue led went off, signifying it was ready to go, awesome!

  32. Bob Lindner says:

    Safervapors.com is by far the best place to get your e-cigarettes. Great prices and exceptional customer service. I’ve never had a bad experience with them. Actually, I received a faulty charger once, but they had one in the mail for me the same day I informed them and I didn’t even have to send the old one back! Not to mention, I usually receive freebies in my orders. I’ll open the package and there will be an extra cartomizer or two, or a sample flavor that I’ve been wanting to try, but not enough to spend the money on trying it. lol They also carry Green Smoke, but Rob (the owner) told me that they haven’t been able to sell a Green Smoke kit in months because after his customers come in to the store and try their popular SV-100 Kit side-by-side with the Green Smoke, they ALWAYS choose the SV-100. It also costs $60 less than Green Smoke and the cartridges & batteries are much less expensive than Green Smoke.

  33. GREENSMOKE all the way, baby. I would not lie to you.
    You earn points with each order, taking the sting out of your payment.

  34. Jim Harbuck says:

    I tested 8 brands but the only one I found of great quality is Greensmoke. It has the best tobacco-like feel and flavor and best pricing.

  35. TJ Simms says:

    V2 is by far the best, and they back up what they sell for life. They also offer a way to make you some money too, I got 25 bucks just for signing up, and if I ever decide to sell for them, I would get 20% for every person that signs up to.
    I tried a lot of different e-cigs and found V2 to be the best by far or I would not have taken the time to put in my two cents here.They also sell the e liquid, that is what I use because it saves money and I can smoke all day on a tank.


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