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How to Sell Your Music Online

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Expanding on the Top 10 Musician Resources Lists, we come to one of the most important questions of every musician: How do you sell your music online?

For years, major labels have held a monopoly over the traditional distribution channels. Now any artist can use the Internet to distribute their music through the same channels. And more importantly, you don’t have to give up money from each and every sale of your music. You don’t have to enter into exclusive deals or sign binding contracts. You don’t have to give up your rights and the

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  1. Wow… it didn’t occur to me that I could sell the stuff I make… this is awesome! Thanx for the motivation!

  2. Found you while googling me! I think CDBaby and Tunecore are pretty evenly matched when it comes to the distro included – but what do you think about Bandcamp?

  3. BANDCAMP.com should definitely be on this list. Bandcamp allows an artist to sell digital and hard-copies for a greater profit than the aforementioned options listed. As a marketing strategist who manages artists, Bandcamp and Fanbridge are the winning combination for artists. Just back it with a stand-alone website with your own domain and sell your music via your site. Check-out can be at Bandcamp, but direct all traffic to your website and use the Fanbridge tools to capture data.

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