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Different Gift Ideas – Top 10 Unconventional Gifts

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If you are looking for different kinds of gifts that will make you stand out from the rest, check out these exceptional gift ideas. They are guaranteed to cause excitement and make you the star of the party.

  1. The Gift of Remembering

    For just USD $50 (a one-time registration fee), you can give someone in your life a push to write their life story. This is a perfect gift for anyone, but especially for parents and grandparents.

    The Remembering Site is for all who want to write and publish their life memories but have been overwhelmed

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Always on the lookout for new, original and innovative, Dubie loves spotting upcoming trends in cyber culture, discovering useful tools and innovative start-ups and inventions. To the Google+ crowd, she is known as the curator of stunning photography.


  1. We got a caricature from Caricature King – turned out great and it was the most commentated on gift at the wedding (all good comments!).

  2. the personalized photo puzzle is cool. I also found some cool stuff over at http://www.dadshop.com.au has some nice gadget gifts.

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