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Top 10 Diets That Work

If you are looking for a good diet plan to help you lose weight effectively and quickly without putting your health at risk, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve selected the top ten weight loss programs that deliver evident results, provided you stick to the regime as instructed.

Losing weight is not easy. The reason is simple: dieting, like most things in life, is highly individual. So  don’t give up easily, but be prepared to try a few different strategies before you find the one that works for you.

  1. Kyani Health Triangle

    Kyäni Health Triangle is a true superfoods combo, and will not just help you lose weight. Kyani offers revolutionary nutritional supplements which will detox your body, fortify your immune system, increase metabolism, and give you a strong energy boost.

    Kyäni Health Triangle
    Kyani Health Triangle is composed of Alaskan wild blueberries and sockeye salmon, the Annatto plant which is the source of the tocotrienols and Noni plant which provides Nitric Oxide. These were the main components used to develop Kyani products, which synergistically nourish, cleanse and balance our bodies.

    Kyäni offers 100% refund policy, which means that if after one month you do not see significant improvement to your overall health and wellbeing, your money will be refunded in full. So you really have nothing to lose.

    Kyani Health Triangle

  2. The Zone Diet

    The Zone Diet is one of the most popular diets today, and it is based on nutritionally sound principles. It advocates consuming calories from carbohydrates, protein, and fat in a balanced ratio. The Scientific American Frontiers study compared the effectiveness of several popular ‘diet’ regimes including the Zone Diet; somewhat to the surprise of the show’s staff, the participants on the Zone experienced the greatest fat loss while simultaneously gaining muscle mass. Participants also reported the Zone as the easiest regime to adjust to, i.e. having the fewest adverse affects such as fatigue or hunger. Most people who report fatigue find that the fatigue diminishes by day 2 or 3.

    FormulaZone starts you out with over 3,062 recipes, and offers a dozen easy-to-use tools  to help your whole family successfully lose weight and get healthy.

    Lose the Weight with the Zone Diet


  3. Shrink Yourself

    Emotional eating is probably one of the top reasons why most people gain weight. If you tend to overeat when under stress, then this method might very well work for you. Developed by a psychiatrist, Dr. Roger Gould, the method targets the real reasons behind using food as a short-term emotional fix.

    Shrink Yourself

  4. The Swedish Diet®

    The Swedish Diet® (also known as the One Week Diet System) is a program combining an all-natural liquid meal replacement and body cleanse, with moderate exercise, a sensible diet. The Diet Cleanse is the key dietary supplement on the program and very important because it helps cleanse your body of food residue and other toxins, while replacing your regular breakfast. Getting off on the right foot in the morning, sets the tone for the day of careful food choices and willingness to move your body for 20 minutes any way you see fit.  The easy-to-follow program makes it possible to reduce calorie consumption while keeping the energy level high throughout the day.If you decide to try the Swedish Diet, enter HEALTH20 at checkout and save 20%.

    The Swedish Diet®

  5. DietPower

    If you do not want to spend a lot of money on personal trainers, DietPower is an excellent alternative solution. It is an award-winning weight loss and nutrition coaching software that comes with an unbeatable reference: 1 year money-back guarantee. What makes DietPower special is that its calorie counter gives you real-time knowledge of your intake of 33 nutrients. It also monitors your metabolism to guarantee reaching your goal weight on your target date, and even recommends foods you like that are best for your nutrition—all in five minutes a day.


  6. Bistro M.D.

    Bistro MD is a revolutionary concept in dieting. They specialize in gourmet diet meals delivered to your door. Eating healthy and losing weight has never been so easy in a busy, modern lifestyle. Diet plans at Bistro MD start at only $130 per week. Menus rotate weekly so you can enjoy the variety that comes with an ever-changing meal plan.

    Bistro M.D.

  7. The Day Off Diet

    The Day Off Diet program, you will learn what you need to eat 6 days a week to turn off your fat storing gene with the “Green Light” fat burning foods. The diet plant goes only 6 days a week because every 7th day will be your “day off.” That’s what gives the diet it’s name. On that 7th day you can eat & drink anything you want. You will both satisfy your cravings and boost your metabolism on your “day off.”

    The Day Off Diet uses a unique and easy to follow “Green Light,” “Yellow Light” & “Red Light” system so you’ll know exactly which foods you can chow down on and which foods you need to avoid to lose weight fast. All “Green Light” foods can be eaten until you are satisfied which means you never have to go hungry on The Day Off Diet. These easy to follow dieting guidelines are the key to turning off your fat storing gene for good. When you eat The Day Off Diet way your body knows it doesn’t need to store fat anymore which is why you will lose weight fast.

    The Day Off Diet

  8. Diet.com

    Diet.com is an extensive resource on dieting, offering diet tips, fitness workouts, healthy recipes, nutritional advice, product reviews, etc. Their specialty is Personality Type Diet designed Dr. Robert Kushner, a highly-regarded expert in the weight loss field. The Personality Type Diet begins with a 70-question survey – designed to root out all your fears, feelings, and attitudes – not just to food, but exercise, and other life skills. The outcome of this questionnaire will give you 3 different personality types: Eating personality, exercise personality, and coping personality.

    If you decide to try the Personality Type Diet, use Coupon code FREEDIET10 to obtain 10% off premium membership.


  9. ProShape Rx

    Finally, a healthy diet pill that works! Although it’s not a diet plan, Proshape Rx is a great herbal supplement to any successful weight loss plan. It consists of 100% natural ingredients which will cleanse your body of toxins and help to control your appetite by curbing unhealthy cravings. Within as early as seven days you will already start to see a difference in how your clothes fit and how you feel overall.

    The ingredients found in ProShapeRX include several natural herbs such as Hoodia Gordonii, White Kidney Bean Powder, Beet root, White Willow (bark), L-Methionine, Fenugreek, Green Tea leaf and Chitosan.


    ProShape Rx

  10. DietWatch

    DietWatch.Com is a simple online and mobile application to learn how much you have to sweat to eliminate the sweets you can’t resist. Their diet planner tools are very helpful in counting calories, carbs, fat, exercise, weight and much more, regardless of which diet you follow.

    DietWatch offers four diet plans that come with personalized meal planner, exercise program, emotional management and support.



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  1. I have needed to lose weight for years but have not found that golden key that will allow me to lose weight easily. I have bookmarked this site to return as I found the posts great. Looking forward to more insights on my return so I can move on in my life and my health. David

  2. Good information, thanks for posting that. Losing weight is so challenging for me that the more information I have the better: there are so many ideas and people to learn from. Looking forward to coming back and learning some more to help make a difference to my body weight. David

  3. Good information, thanks for posting that. I have bookmarked your site and will come back to see what else you have to say. Losing weight is so challenging for me that the more information I have the better: there are so many ideas and people to learn from. Looking forward to coming back and learning some more to help make a difference to my body weight. David

  4. Obesity is such a big problem in the States. I wish more people considered these healthy diet alternatives.

  5. I’ve found the paleo diet to be very helpful when I need to lose the lbs.

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