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Top 10 Love Pics for St. Valentine’s Day

Throughout the year I had been posting beautiful images on different topics via my social media channels. This here is a compilation of my favorite love pics. Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

  1. The Love Equation

    Love Equation

  2. Shyness

    St. Valentine's DayPhotography by Alin Petrus

  3. Inner Movement

    Love Shadows
    Photography by Christa Schweins

  4. Stickman Love

    Creative LovePhotography by Johann Frick

  5. Shadows Kissing

    Shadows Kiss

  6. Love Cats

    alexey-5Photography by Alexey Menschikov Bednij

  7. Love Date

    Love Date

  8. Will You Marry Me?

    Love MatchesPhotography by Arthur Khachaturyan

  9. Love Once Was Young

    Old People Young SpiritsPhotography by Lyubomir Bukov

  10. Till Death Do Us Part

    Till Death Do Us PartPhotography by psychicLexa

For more awesome love pics, check out this Pinterest Album.

I’m sorry to say I have not been able to trace down all the authors of these photographs, so if you can identify those photographers please let me know so I can credit them properly. Thanks!

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Always on the lookout for new, original and innovative, Dubie loves spotting upcoming trends in cyber culture, discovering useful tools and innovative start-ups and inventions. To the Google+ crowd, she is known as the curator of stunning photography.

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