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Top Rated Electronic Cigarettes

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If you are like me, truly passionate about smoking, then you are bound to feel like a second rate citizen whose personal freedom has been evaded.  I am not talking about social smokers, but real aficionados who like to have their nicotine fix at regular intervals, preferably not more than an hour apart. Those of you who are most productive with a cigarette in your hand know what I am talking about. Have you ever considered switching to electronic cigarettes? I know,  I know… It sounds  bizarre to say the least, but if you do some research like I have, you’ll be surprised with the variety of electronic “smoking sticks” that are available on the market.

And admittedly, they do have a few significant advantages over traditional cigarettes: they contain no tar, second-hand smoke, or burning substances. They leave no stains or bad breath. There is no need to light them or put them out. They are significantly cheaper than the real thing. And  last but not least, they give you the freedom to smoke anywhere.

Of course, electronic cigarettes do not feel or taste exactly like traditional cigarettes but it’s as close as you can get if you want to enjoy the freedom of smoking anywhere. And considering their many advantages to the real thing, one has to conclude that they deserve a chance.

  1. VaporFi™

    VaporFi™, formerly known as VaporZone, is one of the most popular ecigarettes today. Not surprising if you consider that the company behind them is International Vapor Group, known for two other top rated brands, Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke. They foresaw the need in the existing electronic cigarette market for advanced personal vaporizers for people who want to take their electronic smoking to the next level in the world of eGo-style batteries, mods and tank systems.

    VaporFi Not Your Ordinary Electronic Cigarette

    VaporFi puts an accent on the cleanliness of vaping vs. smoking very effectively. They offer 6 different starter kits which provide something for each customer’s budget, starting with a basic two-part e cigarette. However, VaporFi kits provide hardware but not e juice. They sell it, but separately. VaporFi™ is known for their excellent selection of AVPs (advanced personal vaporizers). They also carry an express kit for someone looking for a product that resembles the look and size of an actual cigarette.

    VaporFi™ gets top marks for its high quality, US-made e liquids. They are kosher, FDA-approved, and well priced at $14.99 for 30ml. While flavors are varied enough for most tastes (choco-nut, double-apple hookah, toffee tobacco, et al.), there is the option to create a custom blend from two or three flavors, and this ends up with them having more possible flavors than anyone.

    VaporFi ECigs Create Your Own Blend

    Their e-liquids contain up to 3.6% nicotine, above the usual maximum for e cig brands, so get the throat hit and nicotine punch you have been waiting for from vapor. Search for tobacco flavors separately from menthol or fruit, or just start from the beginning and examine them all.

    VaporFi™ have wisely opted to sell both blank cartridges and pre-filled ones. There really are a lot of people who like the cartridges to be filled so vaping requires no work and they do not make a mess. After some time, most e cig users realize this creates a lot of unnecessary garbage and costs more than filling a tank or cartridge with liquid.


  2. South Beach Smoke

    South Beach Smoke is one of the most popular top rated brands, with high quality products and accessories. Their vaping device is high-tech, nicotine cartridge doesn’t leak, and there is no on or off switch on the e-cigarettes. As you inhale, the orange LED light at the tip glows like a real cigarette to let you know it’s working. It will also flash to let you know it’s time to recharge the battery.

    South Beach Smoke

    A starter kit contains the elements every vaper needs to successfully vape. These items include at least one rechargeable battery, a USB charger at a minimum, and two or more pre-filled flavor cartridges. As kits become more impressive and appeal to individuals who decide they want to vape in the long term, their kits are padded with AC adaptors, more cartridges, and other useful items.

    Pictured here are some of the South Beach Smoke flavors you can choose from. They come in a variety of strengths from 0mg nicotine up to 24mg nicotine. Flavors include a number of mint styles; orange, watermelon, menthol, and peppermint.

    Several tobacco varieties include Golden, Blue, and Classic tobacco, each described fully so you can compare it to the cigarettes you used to smoke. Fruits, desserts, and drinks create a decent assortment.

    South Beach Smoke also offer disposables available in packs of four, 8, or 12. If you find that a bit expensive considering many companies sell them one at a time, this pricing means that divided by 4, a price of $11.99 works out to $3 for each disposable electronic cigarette.

    One of the things I like most about South Beach Smoke is their Portable Charging Case which looks like a traditional cigarette box except that it lets you charge your batteries on the go.

    South Beach Smoke

  3. Bull Smoke

    Bull Smoke offers the best value for money vaping experience. It’s hard to beat the price of their starter kits, and if you’re on a budget, you’ll want to grab one of these. Some of their e-cigarette kits sell for as low as $29.95, which is roughly half the price of other brands.


    Few e-cigs offer as much choice in battery features as Bull Smoke. There are three types to choose from. I recommend the Kentucky Battery, which lasts a lot longer, as much as 50% more.

    Bull Smoke flavours are rich in taste and they offer a nice variety too. Flavors to choose from include several types of tobacco and a number of treats like vanilla, chocolate and coffee. If you are looking for flavors close to Camel and Winston, Bull Smoke is a good bet, and their American Ranger is a great tobacco flavor close to a Marlboro red.


    Bull Smoke also offers disposable e cigs, called Buckshot disposables. Each one represents two packs of regular cigarettes. You can enjoy as many as 450 puffs with each one before tossing it in the trash.

    Bull Smoke are literally a ‘No Bull’ brand, and have just what you need to get started, at the best price out there. They also have great support and take care of their customers. As a loyal customer, you get rewards in form of points which never expire. Ten percent of your order value is added to points until you have enough to buy something with them.

    Bull Smoke

  4. SmokeTip

    SmokeTip electronic cigarette is a brand with good reputation on the market. The company offers a solid vaping device that does what it’s supposed to do: it’s easy to draw and produces good vapor volume.

    Not to be overlooked, SmokeTip also comes at a very affordable price. Their Starter Kit sells for just $59.95, and cartridges for $2.00/cartridge. If you are looking for a good, inexpensive e-cigarette, look no further.

    SmokeTip e cigarette

    The SmokeTip kit contains 2 batteries, 2 chargers (wall and USB), and six cartridges. Battery lasts about 6-8 hours, and has a lifetime warranty. SmokeTip offers a wide variety of flavor cartridges (regular, menthol, coffee, cherry, almond, apple, chocolate, peach, strawberry, vanilla, etc.)

    Shipping is extra fast. Customer service helpful and reliable. Overall, highly recommended.


  5. WhiteCloud

    White Cloud e-Cig used to be the most expensive ecig on the market. Their Cirrus line is definitely one of the most advanced ecigarettes out there. In order to make their premium e-cigs available to more smokers, the company permanently dropped their prices in February 2013. Originally sold at $150, the Cirrus II starter kit can now be purchased for less than $40. Disposable Flings are at $3.59 while SmoothDraw cartridges are as low as $1.99.

    Cirrus3 ecigarette

    WhiteCloud electronic cigarettes let you personalise your vaping experience as they offer a variety of battery sizes, cartridge flavors, nicotine levels, and jacket designs. Battery performance is excellent and the cartridges are long lasting. On a single charge the Cirrus 3X battery lasts more than 18 hours, with an average of 600 puffs per cartridge.

    WhiteCloud e-gics takes great care to ensure that the draw, heat and weight of the vapor created by its ecigs are as close as possible to the smoke created by burning tobacco. Its ClearDraw technology brings consistency to flavour just like in a natural smoking experience.

    WhiteCloud Flavors
    Each WhiteCloud E cigarette cartridge is equivalent to two packs of traditional cigarettes, which is double than the industry average. With six nicotine levels to choose from, including Double Extra strength that contains 5.4% nicotine, White Cloud is the only brand that can deliver the nicotine kick that heavy hitters crave.

    WhiteCloud has been featured on Forbes, Better Living, BarBiz Magazine, and Tampa Bay Business Journal. The brand also received the Gold Award from TopTenReviews.com in 2013.


One final word of warning! Whichever model of e-cigarette you choose, it’s wise to consider the life of batteries and atomizers as those will need to be replaced. When ordering a starter kit, if it is not included make sure you add an extra atomizer for backup.

Before you purchase online, check eCigs-Shop for latest e-cig promotions, discounts and coupon codes.

If you know of any other premium e cigarette that should be mentioned on this list, feel free to post it in the comments.

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  1. I love GreenSmoke because of the vapor it produces. Love it more than a traditional cig.

  2. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  3. I’d be delighted to try one of these, it looks stunnig and fancy!

  4. Rodion Romanovich says

    I was dying for a cigarette. I was taking nicorette, xantix, pure nicotine, intravenous doses… There was no way I could overcome my addiction. I came accross your site, a very strange and a bit feary product… Electricity, volts, watts… dangerous stuff. Virtual smoke? But since your name was Opajdara and I knew you since you were working at Minessotas’s University I decided to go ahead and I ordered that incredible electronic magic cigarette… of yours. That worked well! Let me tell you! Today I’m addicted to the electricity and to the foam of your product. This is much better, though. And what a change! My lungs got cured, no chronical deseases ( bronquitis ) anymore, and even my enfisema got a brake!
    Yes, today I feel better. I’m better. Plug it and smoke.

    • R Clinton says

      The real intent of these is to allow you to smoke everywhere. They fail miserably as a quit smoking device.So don’t be deceived by someone that tells you it is a quit smoking aid

  5. I think the blu cig is a good choice if your just starting out.They make a nice affordable starter kit.

  6. I can’t seem to find the imperial electronic cig but i bought it months ago, worked great at first but then it started to not work that great after a few weeks, the vapor started thinning out.. great thing about them is that the starter kit is only $20 at the smoke shop near me, the carton is only 11 bucks and has 5 cartridges, each one give you 30-50 puffs, you only need like 2 puff to equal a cig. but back to smoking cigs again so… it’s not one of the best.
    if your just looking to try a e cig i would suggest the Imperial electronic cig because of it being so affordable.

  7. I just bought a Stratus e cig…….. whats really cool is that they make energy and relaxation filters….. i smoked the relaxation last night after dinner, and was chilling for 3 hours! i slept liek a baby. http://www.atmosrx.com i bought the Stratus white pearl and its really nice!!

  8. Of all of the ones you mention. Greensmoke is the best. Kind of pricey, though!

  9. Doug Allds says

    I’m a big fan of White Cloud! Quit smoking a year and a half ago the day I got my Cirrus II starter pack. I began with the extra strength cartridges, but they were a bit much for me, so I soon went with full strength, and they are just right for my use. I prefer the regular flavor best, but occasionally use the espresso flavored cartridges. Got a Cirrus 3X starter pack a few weeks ago and really like them as well plus they last longer for a slight increase in size. Both offer really good vapor and the battery life is as advertised. In summary, you cant go wrong with White Cloud, their customer service and warranty claims are no hassle positive experiences, and you get tons of great tasting vapor. Also, if you buy 5 packs of cartridges you get 1 pack free, so thats an even bigger savings. I usually order 10 packs at a time and get 12 back, all you have to do is tell them what strength and flavor you want for the free ones in the online order comment box. IMHO, White CLoud is definitely the best and well worth the extra cost versus inferior cheaper brands.

  10. I’ve just discovered these at a local smoke shop. I’ve not seen this brand mentioned and its very inexpensive but it can play out quickly. The only one I like is grape. Sadly, some of the other blends taste like ‘clove’ . Since I’ve used this however, no more smokers cough and given my spouse has copd , this was the last resort as the patches and gums etc didn’t work..I’m a light smoker and all of my wheezing stopped and i know I’ll be able to quit . That said, I LOVE the grape flavor and can see myself puffing on a zero content cigarette LOL. The brand is ‘clean cig’ and produced in Oklahoma. I will offer some suggestions. I was given an ‘interchangeable’ battery *cigarette* and wasn’t impressed. I bought the small kit, one battery, two cartridges and once charged I used the proper battery *(cigarette part) with the atomizer it was meant for and it was nite and day. Good vapor so before people try to go cheaper and try using a part from one brand and a part from another…you might want to think about it. Then again it could be my choice of a lesser priced way to go and in the long run might cost me more. For those who want to see how much their initial use of cigarettes cost per month and year vs using a good vapor kit? use your calc…..I was STUNNED. I make it a point to buy ‘made in america’ products so I do check that…but I think we’ve yet to see the best of this once someone thinks out side of the box for a real solution to cleansing lungs slowly and perhaps putting copd patients on a natural inhalant that would over time clean the lungs, moisturize them as well and rid them of the nasty hacky gummy junk regular smokes have left behind. Yeah, I can see myself easily using a zero nicotine product. I believe I’ll try the green smoke. Thanks for all the reviews.

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