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Top Rated Electronic Cigarettes

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If you are like me, truly passionate about smoking, then you are bound to feel like a second rate citizen whose personal freedom has been evaded.  I am not talking about social smokers, but real aficionados who like to have their nicotine fix at regular intervals, preferably not more than an hour apart. Those of you who are most productive with a cigarette in your hand know what I am talking about. Have you ever considered switching to electronic cigarettes? I know,  I know… It sounds  bizarre to say the least, but if you do some research like

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  1. I love GreenSmoke because of the vapor it produces. Love it more than a traditional cig.

  2. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  3. I’d be delighted to try one of these, it looks stunnig and fancy!

  4. Rodion Romanovich says:

    I was dying for a cigarette. I was taking nicorette, xantix, pure nicotine, intravenous doses… There was no way I could overcome my addiction. I came accross your site, a very strange and a bit feary product… Electricity, volts, watts… dangerous stuff. Virtual smoke? But since your name was Opajdara and I knew you since you were working at Minessotas’s University I decided to go ahead and I ordered that incredible electronic magic cigarette… of yours. That worked well! Let me tell you! Today I’m addicted to the electricity and to the foam of your product. This is much better, though. And what a change! My lungs got cured, no chronical deseases ( bronquitis ) anymore, and even my enfisema got a brake!
    Yes, today I feel better. I’m better. Plug it and smoke.

    • R Clinton says:

      The real intent of these is to allow you to smoke everywhere. They fail miserably as a quit smoking device.So don’t be deceived by someone that tells you it is a quit smoking aid

  5. I think the blu cig is a good choice if your just starting out.They make a nice affordable starter kit.

  6. I can’t seem to find the imperial electronic cig but i bought it months ago, worked great at first but then it started to not work that great after a few weeks, the vapor started thinning out.. great thing about them is that the starter kit is only $20 at the smoke shop near me, the carton is only 11 bucks and has 5 cartridges, each one give you 30-50 puffs, you only need like 2 puff to equal a cig. but back to smoking cigs again so… it’s not one of the best.
    if your just looking to try a e cig i would suggest the Imperial electronic cig because of it being so affordable.

  7. I just bought a Stratus e cig…….. whats really cool is that they make energy and relaxation filters….. i smoked the relaxation last night after dinner, and was chilling for 3 hours! i slept liek a baby. http://www.atmosrx.com i bought the Stratus white pearl and its really nice!!

  8. Of all of the ones you mention. Greensmoke is the best. Kind of pricey, though!

  9. Doug Allds says:

    I’m a big fan of White Cloud! Quit smoking a year and a half ago the day I got my Cirrus II starter pack. I began with the extra strength cartridges, but they were a bit much for me, so I soon went with full strength, and they are just right for my use. I prefer the regular flavor best, but occasionally use the espresso flavored cartridges. Got a Cirrus 3X starter pack a few weeks ago and really like them as well plus they last longer for a slight increase in size. Both offer really good vapor and the battery life is as advertised. In summary, you cant go wrong with White Cloud, their customer service and warranty claims are no hassle positive experiences, and you get tons of great tasting vapor. Also, if you buy 5 packs of cartridges you get 1 pack free, so thats an even bigger savings. I usually order 10 packs at a time and get 12 back, all you have to do is tell them what strength and flavor you want for the free ones in the online order comment box. IMHO, White CLoud is definitely the best and well worth the extra cost versus inferior cheaper brands.

  10. I’ve just discovered these at a local smoke shop. I’ve not seen this brand mentioned and its very inexpensive but it can play out quickly. The only one I like is grape. Sadly, some of the other blends taste like ‘clove’ . Since I’ve used this however, no more smokers cough and given my spouse has copd , this was the last resort as the patches and gums etc didn’t work..I’m a light smoker and all of my wheezing stopped and i know I’ll be able to quit . That said, I LOVE the grape flavor and can see myself puffing on a zero content cigarette LOL. The brand is ‘clean cig’ and produced in Oklahoma. I will offer some suggestions. I was given an ‘interchangeable’ battery *cigarette* and wasn’t impressed. I bought the small kit, one battery, two cartridges and once charged I used the proper battery *(cigarette part) with the atomizer it was meant for and it was nite and day. Good vapor so before people try to go cheaper and try using a part from one brand and a part from another…you might want to think about it. Then again it could be my choice of a lesser priced way to go and in the long run might cost me more. For those who want to see how much their initial use of cigarettes cost per month and year vs using a good vapor kit? use your calc…..I was STUNNED. I make it a point to buy ‘made in america’ products so I do check that…but I think we’ve yet to see the best of this once someone thinks out side of the box for a real solution to cleansing lungs slowly and perhaps putting copd patients on a natural inhalant that would over time clean the lungs, moisturize them as well and rid them of the nasty hacky gummy junk regular smokes have left behind. Yeah, I can see myself easily using a zero nicotine product. I believe I’ll try the green smoke. Thanks for all the reviews.

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