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Top 10 Fun City Rides – Recreational Transport

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According to a national study in the US, drivers lose on average 5 days per year in traffic.  Now how crazy is that? If you live in a big city then you know what it means to be stuck in a traffic jam, waiting for the line to move,  wishing you were somewhere else. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to trade your car for an eco-friendly city rider.

Sustainable living calls for innovative means of urban transportation. Here’s our list of Top 10 Fun City Rides. Besides being ecological, the personal vehicles are a lot of fun to ride on. Check them out!

  1. Unicycle

    Lets start this list with the oldest FUN vehicle there is: a unicycle. Dating back from the late 19th century, its design was very simple. The pedal and cranks were connected directly to the front axle, so the rear wheel would go up in the air and the rider would be moved slightly forward. Over the years, unicycle enthusiasts have inspired manufacturers to create new designs, such as seatless (“ultimate wheel”) and tall (“giraffe”) unicycles. During the late 1980s unicycle got back in trend with extreme sports (off-road unicycling).

    Today, unicycle has become the extreme urban transporter.


  2. Heelys Nano

    Heelys, the creator of the popular shoe with a wheel in the heel, has introduced a product so revolutionary that it’s already defining a new sport. ‘Freeboarding,’ as it’s called, has been building momentum ever since Heelys released the Nano™ in August.

    Developed in-house, Heelys Nano is a fast, skateboard-like contraption worn on one foot with a Heelys shoe – minus the wheel. The other foot wears a traditional Heelys wheeled shoe. This hybrid skate system creates a stable platform for the front foot, allowing the user’s rear foot to build momentum, carve sharp turns, and perform a wide variety of tricks. It’s this unique combo of skating and running that allows the user to freeboard through an environment, using obstacles and the landscape as creatively as possible.

    The Nano is much faster than Heelys shoes, but you don’t get as tired. It is far more versatile for doing tricks, and it’s small enough to fit in a backpack or school locker.

    Heelys Nano

  3. Strida Bike

    Strida Bike is an elegant, triangular bicycle design that gets lots of attention. With a single-speed drive, it won’t let you go much faster than 10 miles per hour, but it’s fun to ride, nimble and so easily maneuverable that it’s perfectly suited to crowded streets, zipping around cars and pedestrians.

    The extraordinary asset that Strida offers is its five second fold; it changes the way you use a bike. It is so easy and quick to fold, and folded up, you can push it like a stroller. And it weighs only 10kg, so you can carry it around if you like.

    Strida Bike

  4. The Three Wheel Recumbent Cruiser

    This single-speed, three-wheeled cruiser is not a speed monster, but it is fun to ride. The steering is tight and it get lots of looks wherever you go. Can get you around town, in the park, at the beach, very easy and cool to ride.
    The Three Wheel Recumbent Cruiser has a dual-joystick steering mechanism that is responsive and exhilarating to use, providing smooth maneuverability. The sturdy steel frame can be extended or contracted easily and is suitable for riders from 4′ to 6’3″. With a seat height of just 11″, this cruiser maintains a low center of gravity, making it especially stable and safe for younger and older riders.

    Unlike chain-driven bicycles, this cruiser’s propulsion system requires minimal maintenance because it uses a front flywheel mechanism connected directly to the pedals; there’s no chain to come loose or to smear grease on pant legs. Caliper handbrakes provide smooth, controlled stopping and slowing for even little hands. Supports up to 250 lbs. Comes in Blue, Orange, Silver, and Red.

    The Three Wheel Recumbent Cruiser

  5. Floow Bike

    Floow Bike is a new designer recumbent bike that is guaranteed to draw attention with its classy, stylish design. Completely different, Floow has four wheels that provide a smooth and comfortable ride, and an optional roof to make it convenient to ride in all weather conditions.

    The bike has a carbon fibre body and integrated instruments. The rider sits in a full seat with large back rest and uses extended handles to steer and brake the bike. A full suspension system adds to the comfort of the bike.

    Floow Bike

  6. Trikke Tribred PON-E

    The leader in urban personal transporters, Trikke’s award-winning technology is world famous. Their latest Tribred PON-E is an exceptional Transportation/Fitness/Joyride all in one vehicle.


    Trikke Pon-e

    It has lightweight high-performance aluminum frame with lithium battery power. With a motorized front wheel and dual rear brakes, the Tribred PON-E reaches speeds of 18 mph. It can travel up to 22 miles per charge, for only 10-15 cents.

    Trikke Tribred PON-E

  7. E-Glide GI Electric Skateboard

    Another joy-ride vehicle, the E-Glide GI Electric Skateboard can take you pretty much anywhere. Built by Crossbow USA, E-glide electric skateboards are super reliable, and designed to be smooth riding and maneuverable.

    E-Glide is a radically new electric powered skateboard with high end components and a hand controlled electric drive system, so it has an accelerator with gradual braking. Top speed is 20 miles per hour and a range of about 12 miles. This board really has the amps and torque necessary to push you to 20 miles per hour in 4 seconds.

    E-Glide GI Electric Skateboard

  8. Go-Ped I-Ped

    Here is the new, compact model of the award winning Go-Ped ESR750. With the same legendary American Go-Ped strength, reliability and styling, I-Peds are the most compact, advanced, and high quality electric scooters on the market.

    The Go-Ped I-Ped is ideal for use in urban areas as it is light enough to carry like a briefcase, and virtually silent when in use. The fact that this scooter is electric makes it a great choise for commuters using public transportation as it is allowed on trains and busses. The compact design allows the I-Ped to easily fold and stow away under the seats of trains and buses.

    Capable of up to 18 miles range in Econo mode with a 150 lb rider. Powerful enough to speed you up to 18 mph in Turbo mode. Recharges in less than 2.5 hours with the 6 amp off board charger. Light enough to carry up several flights of stairs and small enough to fit on the bus, train, ferry, or even under a shopping cart.

    The GoPed I-Ped is an invitation to be part of the ecological solution with your personal and portable yet quiet, clean, and pure electric vehicle…

    Go-Ped I-Ped

  9. Yike Bike

    This small electric bike quickly rolls on the streets and easily avoids traffic jams as you cruise to your destination. It is a sleek and fancy “urban freedom vehicle”. Resembling the miniature Penny Farthing (the front wheel measures 20-inches, the rear is 8-inches), Yike Bike has won numerous awards for innovation, design, and sustainability. Just looking at it, it’s easy to see that it has set new standards for the future of stylish personal commuting wheels.

    Made from carbon fiber, Yike Bike runs at a speed of 14-mph for up to 6.2 miles on a single charge. The rider is seated on a saddle/handlebar. When you reach your destination, then you push the wheels together, fold in the appendages and pack it in the carrying bag (included). Weighing just 22-pounds (10.8 kg), it’s easy to carry anywhere. Price: $3,600.

    Yike Bike

  10. Dreamslide

    The first thing you will notice about this unique pedaler is its beautiful Parisian design. Don’t be fooled by its antique charm, this is the pedaler that provides the speed of a bicycle and the deft, responsive turning of a skateboard from an upright, walking position. A great fun to ride!

    The Parisian Pedestrian Pedaler, also known as Dreamslide, provides brisk acceleration to a top speed of 24 mph, enabling a rider of up to 230 lbs. to apply the full weight of their body to each pedal stroke without the fatigue that comes with extended out-of-the-saddle bicycling. A rider’s entire shoe sole stays within the anodized aluminum pedals while standing, creating the sensation of a brisk walk.

    Made with sealed tempered steel bearings, chromoly axles, and a lightweight, compact aluminum frame. Its steering column folds and attaches to the frame in less than five seconds for transport or storage.


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  1. Whow with these bikes you have to go to the Netherlands. We are really a bike loving country.
    These bikes look great.

    Lot’s of Luck

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