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Five Useful Sites For Frequent Flyers

If you travel by plane a lot, either for business or for pleasure, then this here is a shortlist of Frequent Flyers’ Essentials, well worth bookmarking. It will save you time and money when you’re on the move.

  1. Priority Pass

    If you ever wondered if there was a stress-free way to travel, well – this is as close as it gets. The Priority Pass Card will open doors to exclusive airline lounges throughout the world, even when you are flying economy class, and regardless of the airline.If you’ve had the chance to stay in one of these VIP lounges, then you know what the hype is all about. They provide a safe haven from the chaos of the public airport terminal. You will get complimentary drinks and snacks and comfortable lounging chairs in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, with free wireless internet. If you need to have a flight rescheduled, or your seats changed, the lounge’s hostess will take care of it while you relax.

    The Priority Pass Card card gets you into more than 600 airport lounges in over 100 countries. Membership plans start from $99 per year, depending on your travel frequency and needs, there are different options. For instance, in some plans, if you are traveling with guests or family they can come into the lounge with you. There are also corporate rates for business.

    Overall, the benefits of the Priority Pass Membership are so obvious that everyone who flies as little as twice per year should be taking the advantage.

    Priority Pass Card

  2. Points.Com

    If you are a rewards programs junkie, you will like Points.Com. It is a place where you can keep track of all the many different promotional websites and programs where you gain these points and lets you manage them. For example, if you have accumulated points with several different airlines, on this site you can merge these points into one and use them all together. You can do a number of things with your accumulated points: sell them, trade them, convert them into gift cards or redeem into cash!

    Anyone can register for free. Gold Membership is optional at $4.95 per month, and will get you up to 50% off travel and dining benefits. You also get more bonus points to the reward program of your choice.


  3. World Taximeter

    Here’s a great online tool that will take the guesswork out from your next budget trip planning. World Taximeter calculates an estimated fare for a taxi ride in cities around the world.

    world taximeter

    World Taximeter

  4. Sleeping in the Airports

    As the site says, airport sleeping is no longer just for the cheap young backpackers. Nowadays, you’ll find travelers of all ages and incomes stretched out on airport floors. The Guide to Sleeping in Airports is a fun resource of airport reviews from travelers around the world.

    useful tools for frequent flyers

    The Guide to Sleeping in Airports

  5. About Airport Parking

    Parking at the terminal is notoriously expensive. Advance online reservations through AboutAirportParking.com can save you as much as 70%! They have negotiated special online rates and by making a reservation through AboutAirportParking.com, you know exactly where you’re going to park and exactly how much it’s going to cost you – and your spot is guaranteed.

    The lots are usually just a mile or two from the airport, and all offer free shuttles to the terminals. You can choose a lot that best meets your needs, based on location, price, and customer reviews. Some lots even offer amenities such as oil change and car wash.

    About Airport Parking
    About Airport Parking

  6. AirlineMeals.Net

    This curious little website offers extensive photo documentation of airline meals. You can browse by airline, or upload your own photos to the site.

    airline meals

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