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Top 10 Premium WordPress Themes

If you ever spent any time looking at the numerous free wordpress theme sites you have probably come to understand that free themes are  free for a reason. Of course, you can always hire a web designer to create a nice looking website, but designers can be expensive. Premium wordpress themes that can be customized according to your website needs and design requirements are definitely an affordable alternative solution.

Here we take a look at ten premium theme clubs that comply with the highest aesthetic standards and offer a wide variety of features for customization.

  1. Avada

    Avada is packed with a seemingly ever-growing list of features. The developers have certainly done a great job of expanding upon the core functionality of WordPress to cover almost every eventually, making this a multipurpose theme with few rivals.

    The full list of features is actually much longer than this, but here are some of the highlights:

    Custom page builder tool with a large selection of elements
    All demo content and separate prebuilt page templates
    Video backgrounds for full-width containers
    Side headers (left or right as opposed to just top headers)
    Set header background opacity with independent widths
    Custom background colors and images for individual columns, posts, and pages
    Background image blur and fading effect on scroll
    Testimonial, portfolio, and skills publishing tools
    Built-in styles for popular plugins (WooCommerce and Gravity Forms)

    The already extensive list of features can be widely customized using the wealth of options and settings available — making Avada an extremely flexible theme.


    Avada Theme

  2. Jkreativ

    Jkreativ is a multi purpose theme which comes with hundreds of different styling options. You can literally style anything you want and thanks to the huge amount of shortcodes and neat features like a page builder you can get your site going in no time.



  3. StudioPress Themes

    Studio Press offers attractive, professional themes that are very easy to use. They are built on the Genesis Theme Framework, a simple looking mother theme which comes with all kinds of built-in features, useful plugins and widgets, and offers maximum flexibility in layout and design. The Genesis theme can be extended and further customized with any one of the 19 child themes. Changing a theme behavior is easy as the Genesis theme settings control the child theme as well. One of the most valuable things about Genesis is that it is packed with SEO specific options to configure, and will help your blog rank higher in the search engines.

    StudioPress stands behind their products 100% and offers excellent support. Customers get access to the StudioPress forum which is supervised by its team, and has a very active global community that ensures your question gets replied to within hours.

    Mashable recently named Genesis the “best of the best” premium WordPress themes.


  4. Templatic

    Templatic premium wordpress themes are among the most expensive ones on the market. The price is justified in that their themes are designed by SEO experts to ensure that your sites get maximum benefit out of the theme. Some of the major benefits are these: page load time is very less compared to other themes, it reduces the load of the server, and most importantly, as the premium wordpress themes are already developed taking search engine optimization factors into consideration, theme helps your site to get listed in search engine automatically.

    You can request your own customized premium wordpress theme with all the above features. New Templatic themes are released every moth giving you a huge verity to choose from. Every theme comes with tips, how to use guide and very easy to install feature. Apart from these advantages, Templatic themes come optimized with many features that are easy to run from the control panel even if you are a beginner. It’s easy to upload videos and other multimedia materials, ad rotators are already implemented for you to use, etc.

    We especially recommend their restaurant themes Gourmet and Restaurant, and the tourist related theme called Destination.


    Templatic Themes

  5. Thesis

    Thesis is without doubt one of the most popular wordpress themes, and it is so for many reasons. First and foremost, it is a theme that allows for an easy customization and design and offers a wide variety of features which can be configured from within the WP control panel. You don’t have to know any html in order to set up your thesis blog, and you are pretty much free to do anything. Aside from being a theme, Thesis is also a framework ideal to build upon, which makes it a great tool for developers.



  6. Headway

    Headway is another Do-It-Yourself theme that attracts creative bloggers and developers. It allows you to drag and drop your website or blogs layout to easily rearrange content and customize the colors, fonts, and features included in the theme.

    Headway 3.0 has just been released on November 25th.  This is an amazing new product and it comes with Headway Child Themes.


    Headway Themes

  7. Rich WP Themes

    Rich WP Themes have several very good themes related to news and magazine sites. Check out their Big News, Blog Beast, Daily News, and Magazine themes. Rich WP Themes are easy to install and maintain, and let you build your website in minutes. You can change the colors, the fonts, modify the content of the front page, all from the options page.

    This video will walk you through the installation process and the option page.

    Rich WP Themes

  8. PageLines

    Pagelines offer three simple, professionally designed CMS themes, designed for marketing (SEO tuned and customizable), fully browser compatible, support for ads, photos, videos and forms, plus every theme has a variety of features and page templates. We recommend their Station Pro theme for professional marketing websites, and iBlog Pro 3 as it offers a wide variety of features and is ideal for large showcase sites.


  9. Woo Themes

    This is a place where you can find some really great themes. Our favorites are Headlines, a magazine theme, Suite and Tie – a neat business theme, Aperture and Forward Thinking related to portfolios, and WooTube – a beautiful multimedia theme. Woo Themes are built on a solid code framework with a backend that lets you easily access theme options and styles. You also get access to theme documentation, tutorials, knowledge base and a very active support forum. They deliver 2 new themes every month.


    Woo Themes

  10. Press75

    Press75 showcases some of the most elegant themes on the net. If you are looking for some neat business themes, Work Space and Office Space are the top recommendation. We also like theme Cafe Press, ideal for small business like bars and coffee shops, and On Demand, a powerful video content theme, inspired by Hulu. Whichever theme you choose, Press75 provides you with a detailed installation, setup and usage instructions. Furthermore, they offer full technical advice through support forums.


    Press 75

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