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Top Ten Online Tools for Creating Music

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There are many great online tools and resources for musicians. Here we give you the Ten Best Online Tools for Music Making available on the web. As you will find out, today you don’t have to be a skilled musician to create music. But it certainly helps if you are…

  1. Audacity

    Audacity is a free, multilingual audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. It is very easy to use. Here are some things you do with Audacity:

      •     Record live audio.
      •     Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.
      •     Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files.
      •     Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together.
      •     Change the speed or pitch of a recording.


  2. Soundation

    Soundation features an online Music Studio where you can produce, remix and record songs and an extensive Sound Library to choose among thousands of sounds and loops. It provides a user-friendly interface that is suitable for beginners and professionals, and best of all – you can try it with a free account.

  3. AudioTool

    AudioTool is a Web app that is apt for serious music production. It features a wide range of inputs, outputs, mixers, effects pedals, and drum machines that may even be a bit intimidating for a beginner. Speaking of which, Audiotool doesn’t offer much guidance on how to assemble a track. However, for those who have that basic knowledge, Audiotool ptovides a professional sequencer to automate songs and create complex arrangements. When you are done making a track, you can share it with the community or download your own song and put it on your MP3 player.

  4. Noteflight

    Music composition software and electronic tools for annotating musical notes are not cheap and not all musicians can afford them. Noteflight is a free online music composer and note editor which comes as a nice alternative for such tools. It has a simple and easy to use interface through which you can create, edit, display and playback music notations online.

    Noteflight also lets you share your compositions and publish them online. To see how easy it is to use Noteflight, watch the Noteflight Demo.

  5. Mixxx

    Mixxx is a free cross-platform digital DJ mixing software with professional features like automatic BPM matching, seamless looping, hot cues, crossfading, etc. Whether you’re new to DJing or a pro, Mixxx will give you everything you need to perform live mixes, like you would with turntables and a mixer.

    Mixxx supports most popular DJ MIDI controllers. Using a turntable and timecoded vinyl, Mixxx’s playback can be syncronized to the turntable. This let’s you scratch and mix with your digital music collection as if it were on vinyl. And best of all, you don’t need to invest your time building your music library with expensive commercial DJ software. As an open source license, Mixxx will always be free.


  6. Drumbot

    Drumbot‘s tagline: A free online drum machine for non-drummers pretty much sums it up. Drumbot is probably the best online resource for full song loops and tons of grooves, designed specifically for non-drummers for use as backing tracks during song composition.

    Each of the Drumbot “songs” consists of loop sets that run at the same BPM and are all inter-related. Most of these loop sets have multiple intro’s, verses, chorus’, fills, crashes and outros. You can organize these basic building blocks into unique arrangements to suits your requirements.


  7. eJamming Audiio

    eJamming Audiio is the collaborative network for musicians. It is a meeting place for the worldwide community of musicians and a platform that enables them to work together online in real time and create music together as if they were in the same room even if they are far from one another.

  8. Kompoz

    In some ways similar to eJamming Audiio, Kompoz is the place for musicians to create songs with others from around the world. However, unlike eJamming Audiio, Kompoz does not aim at real time collaboration, but rather provides a community site with strong social networking features pinned around distributed music creation. It serves as the platform for creating songs regardless of the whereabouts of band members. Members can post tracks from the comfort of their home studios, using their favorite DAW, and collaborate with others to create new music. Kompoz members span over 120 countries and all 24 time-zones.

  9. Jam Studio

    Jam Studio is a free online music mixing & songwriting tool that lets you quickly create music beats, backing tracks, karaoke songs, soundtracks & demo songs. Although it may not be the most cutting edge music mixer in the world, JamStudio will provide you with a sort of a musical sandbox to try out new ideas. Unlimited variations and versions can be explored instantly in a wide range of styles. Another useful feature is the JamRecorder which lets you add vocals and additional audio effects to your song.

  10. LoopLabs

    Online since 2000, LoopLabs is the web’s premiere online music mixing application. Featuring extremely intuitive and easy-to use software interfaces, it provides an online interactive music platform that offers a wide range of possibilities:
    • multi-channel mixing (up to 32 channels)
    • advanced multi-channel presets
    • MP3 sampling / triggering / remixing
    • complete load/save/vote functionality
    • audio recording capabilities (client-side)
    • sequencing / song composing
    • output audio to WAV/MP3 files
    • ring tone creation and output
    • video mixing capabilities and integration
    • multiuser, collaborative music environments
    • stereo-effects processing
    • drum and rhythm pattern machine
    • MP3 mixing / crossfading
    • Widget playback and distribution
    • Social network integration
    • crossplatform (MAC|PC)

    The company has received top Interactive awards and been featured on TechTV, Cre@te Online and live at MacWorld where Steve Jobs used it during the launch of Safari to illustrate the robust power of the new Browser for Mac OSX. Constantly updating their technology, LoopLabs are currently in the final phases of development of several new and exciting interactive audio tools soon to be released.

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