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How to Marry Rich – Top 10 Wealthy Dating Services

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Great news for all you young, bold and beautiful women and men! If you have an appreciation for the finer things in life but cannot afford them yet, now you can easily find a sugar daddy, or a sugar momma, someone rich and loving who will be more than happy to lavish you with gifts and help you out in your time of need.

And, if you are rich and bored, now you can meet someone young and beautiful to enrich your life and give you a fresh take on things. Someone you will cherish and lavish with gifts and money that you are struggling to spend anyway. You don’t have to be old to be a sugar daddy or mummy. You don’t have to beautiful, or healthy, or anything but rich.

Sugar daddy dating has brought an overdose of realism to the online dating arena, simply by discovering that wealth and success are traits of attraction in a relationship that in some cases far exceed the traditional stereotypes. Not only that, but these kinds of dating sites have worked out much better than the traditional dating sites. This has been attributed to the fact that sugar daddies, mommies and babies are inclined to place more importance on the type of relationship they seek and be clear about it. In non-sugar relationships, entered upon with intangible romantic expectations, it’s common to be indecisive. It almost seems as if non-sugar relationships lack a certain imperative, a certain mandate, for success.

Here are two typical reviews randomly taken from these sites:

“Regular dating websites are for regular people. I’m a wealthy man who wanted to date a beautiful woman. On other dating sites, I had to compete with a multitude of ordinary singles. On Sugar Daddy sites, I was the selected few and was able to find the relationship I wanted painlessly.” – Sugar Daddy

I was skeptical at first. Who would have thought a Sugar Daddy would actually take care of my bills? But being a struggling actress, the only other option was to waitress in between auditions. This didn’t appeal to me, I wanted to focus on my work, so I thought I’d give Sugar Daddy dating a try. And I’m happy to say, it’s worked out great for me. – Sugar Baby

So there you go. As always, Internet’s got something for everyone.

  1. Sugar Daddy For Me

    This seems to be the most popular Sugar Daddy dating website. It’s been online since 2004 and boasts over 1.5 million members worldwide. Unlike most similar dating sites, it caters to both straight and gay sugar daddies, babies and mommies.

    Trial membership is free for sugar babies. Browsing is free for Sugar Daddies and Mommies. There’s no verification of financial status or income, so any information given in member profiles needs to be taken on trust. Sugar babes are able to indicate on their profile exactly what financial assistance they need from their prospective sugar daddy, while sugar daddies can say what they can afford to pay.

    Sugar Daddy For Me

  2. What’s Your Price?

    This outrageous question is the brand name of the fastest growing dating site in the Sugar Daddy niche. They certainly aren’t afraid to call things by their name. Based on a patent pending dating system, WhatsYourPrice.com provides a platform where generous and attractive singles can negotiate and agree on a price for a first date.

    What’s Your Price?

  3. Millionaire Mate

    MillionaireMate is also open to both wealthy men and women; a large number of these niche sugar daddy dating sites tend to be just for wealthy men. This is one of the largest Sugar Daddy dating sites, with over 4 million members from all over the world.

    Powered by the hugely popular FriendFinder dating service site, MillionaireMate.com instantly has all the features of a well established, feature-rich dating service plus a little more. It also allows members to have their photos, income and profession verified. This helps to ensure that the person you are in contact with is the person their profile says they are.

    Millionaire Mate

  4. Seeking Arrangement

    SeekingArrangement is the premier dating site for Sugar Daddies, Mommies and Babies, which was featured in Playboy Magazine. With the tag line “The Meeting Place for Mutually Beneficial Relationships”, it doesn’t leave much to be said. The site is obviously created for those realistic, down-to earth individuals without any romantic notion. Sign-up is free, and membership is free for sugar babies of either gender.

    Seeking Arrangement

  5. Millionaire Match

    MillionaireMatch.com is one of the pioneers in sugar daddy dating, present online since 2001. Such a long track record has its benefits. For one, MillionaireMatch by far surpasses the others by featuring an overwhelming number of incredibly attractive members and verified millionaires.

    The site caters to both sugar daddies and mummies. Their members include CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities. Featured in Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, Millionaire Match’s premier status and leadership in the wealthy dating category seems to be fully verified.

    Millionaire Match

  6. Established Men

    Established Men is an international dating community geared exclusively toward young women and rich men. It is the most unique service of its kind in that it is the only site that boasts a greater female-to-male ratio.

    The success of Established Men lies with its founder, a woman, Simone Dadoun-Cohen. Being a true opportunist, she always understood that the affluent businessmen could help her achieve her goal of having a successful career and enjoying a pampered, luxurious lifestyle.

    Established Men

  7. Sugar Daddy Meet

    Sugar Daddy Meet is a relative new comer to the sugar daddy dating niche, but powered by Successful Match it keeps growing at a very fast rate. The site is targeted especially towards young and beautiful women looking to meet successful, rich men. Their sister site, CougarMingle offers online dating service for successful, mature women who like young men, and vice versa.

    Although quite new, Sugar Daddy Meet is full of fun and useful features. They have a photo verification process which assures that members’ profiles are not just authenticated, but put todate. The site also features a blog/forum area, online chat, video uploads, and more.

    Sugar Daddy Meet

  8. Seeking Millionaire

    SeekingMillionaire.com is an American-based website designed to meet the needs of wealthy men and women seeking relationships with young and attractive people, and vice versa. To join as a sugar daddy or mamma, you need to make over $100K+ a year or have a networth of over $1 million. To join as a sugar babe, you need to be young, classy, and attractive.

    SeekingMillionaire members include executives, doctors, lawyers, professionals, millionaires, entrepreneurs, CEOs, CFOs, athletes, and beautiful models, actresses, playmates, and the sexy girls next door.

    Seeking Millionaire

  9. Marry Me Sugar Daddy

    Although the name of this website would suggest that it caters to singles looking for serious relationships and long-term commitment, MarryMeSugarDaddy has a lot more adult content than most of the other dating sites on this list. It features straight and gay sugar daddies, mummies, and couples, making it the first dating site to cater to sugar swingers.

    There is no free membership. However, for just $1 you can buy one-day premium membership that will give you unlimited access to the whole website. This way you can first check how many members there are in your area and if it’s worth the money.

    Marry Me Sugar Daddy

  10. Millionaire Flirt

    Another top choice in the sugar daddy dating arena is MillionaireFlirt.com.  The website has a simple layout and is easy to navigate. Before signing up for a free account you can see how many members they have in your area. There’s a “rapid sign up” feature that lets you dig into the site without having to fill out a long questionnaire. This is good if you are impatient and want to see the available singles in your area immediately.

    Millionaire Flirt

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  1. This is amazing. I didn’t know about this kind of dating, let alone that there were so many sites out there specialized in it. Goes to show how internet is shaping our social lives….

  2. I prefer Established Men. Not every site is for everyone. I tried a few of the other ones listed and don’t like all the limitations there are, but maybe I’ll give them a try as they improve and then decide to invest in a membership.

  3. Nice Information and it is very useful for me in search of the best Sugar Daddy Dating site.

  4. Thanks for the informative article, it was a very good read! Any chance you might update this list sometime in the near future? I’m asking because I was a bit disappointed not to see arrangement-partner.com on the list. I’ve been registered as a sugarbaby on their site for the past few months and I’ve had nothing but good experiences. The website is very user-friendly, offers verification processes for its members to go through, has an active support team, and regularly publishes articles full of helpful information and advice about sugardating. For any sugardater – whether a beginner or someone experienced – I would definitely recommend visiting arrangement-partner.com.

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