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Top 7 Best Alternative Search Engines

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If you spend a lot of time surfing the web, then you should not limit yourself to just Google to find what you are looking for. Although Google is the king of internet search, there are quite a few search engines with a different approach that may give you better results in less time, depending on your taste and on what you are searching for.

Here are the top seven alternative search tools. Give them a try, and you may end up pleasantly surprised.

  1. Spezify

    Spezify is a search engine that presents results from a large number of websites in different visual ways. So instead of seeing endless lists of blue text links you are taken towards a more intuitive experience. It can be overwhelming at first, but once you get used to the visual flash, you’ll find Spezify an extremely useful online tool.

    Spezify aggregates websites aiming to use as many relevant, free and open APIs as possible to generate extensive and diverse search results. It mixes all media types and makes no difference between blogs, videos, microblogs and images because visually, everything communicates and helps to build the bigger picture.


  2. blekko

    blekko is a relatively new search engine, but the one to watch out for. It has introduced some very useful and innovative features when it comes to online search. With the simple use of slashtags, it lets you cut through the chase, avoid commercial and spam sites, and quickly find what you are looking for. A truly original concept! Watch this video to understand better how blekko works.

    Download | YouTube to MP3 | Advanced Video Downloader


  3. SearchMenu

    SearchMenu (also known as KallOut) is a unique and innovative concept in web search. It works as a Firefox plugin with any website, Microsoft Office doc, and Adobe PDF, displaying search results adjacent to your selected search term in floating information palettes. Seeing your results in context, instead of opening a new window, avoids the disruption of constantly switching between applications.

    With SearchMenu, you are in full control of the search process. You have the power to turn any word or phrase into a super-smart hyperlink that opens up the information you want right in the context of the web page you’re reading.


  4. Duck Duck Go

    Duck Duck Go is a search engine, like Google. But unlike Google, they respect your privacy and don’t track you. The results displayed are clear, there is much less spam and ads and much more content. Official sites are labeled and displayed on top. You are able to customize the page — change the fonts and much more. Also, Duck Duck Go lets you search other sites — check out !bang syntax. Last but not least, you can actually expect to get a response to your feedback.

    Duck Duck Go

  5. NowRelevant

    NowRelevant is a very useful new search engine for niche topics. It is the link to The Internet Time Machine’s back-end search engine that gives you information about any topic that has been posted within the last 14 days, and only information posted in the last 14 days.

    NowRelevant scans over 55 million news sources and blog feeds to find only the latest information about your niche. There is also a slider that appears after you perform your search so you can select a date range of anything from the last day to the complete last 14 days worth of data.


  6. Kooday

    The concept behind Kooday is original and simple. It is the first search engine that lets you buy keywords. Every keyword has a starting price of 10 cents and keywords are up for grabs in the beta phase. When websites are linked to your keywords, you get paid.

    Kooday is an innovative, start-up that has the potential to make many people rich if it works out. Then again, start-ups tend to be risky, so you decide.


  7. Scour

    Founded in 2007, Scour was originally named Aftervote.com, a search engine with an AJAX backbone that had one mission: to deliver the most relevant results as efficiently as possible. Almost a year later, Aftervote was acquired by Internext media, owner and operator of the ABCSearch Network and re-branded to Scour.com.

    Scour’s purpose is to bridge the gap between searchers and relevant results. Similar to StumbleUpon.Com in that it provides a platform for the users to vote and comment on relevancy. Searchers connect with one another creating a true social search community, attained through innovative solutions to meet the needs of today’s web searchers.

    Scour takes the results from the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), taking into account their current rankings. It then weighs them against its own database to see what its users have said about where positions should be, and apply that weight to the results.

    To perform a search you do not need to register, but if you do register (for free), and use it as a normal search engine, for each search you will earn points. You can also earn points for voting and commenting on the search results. Scour points are earned as follows:

    • 1 point for Search
    • 2 point for Vote
    • 3 point for Comment

    Members can earn up to 4 points per search through any combination of actions. Repeat searches in the same day will not count. Here is an overview of the conversion of points to money:

    • 25,000 points = $100
    • 12,500 points = $50
    • 6,500 points = $25

    Scour also offers a referral program, so for every friend that a member invites, they will earn 25% of the points they make.

    Earn money with Scour!



  1. Marketing & Network says:

    Very useful, thank you. I like all these search engines.

  2. nicholas says:

    I LOVE THIS SITE! This is now the 5th list I’m on. Keep them coming!

  3. Lightfoot says:

    http://UnGoogle.org is another great search site.


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