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Top 7 Best Alternative Search Engines

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If you spend a lot of time surfing the web, then you should not limit yourself to just Google to find what you are looking for. Although Google is the king of internet search, there are quite a few search engines with a different approach that may give you better results in less time, depending on your taste and on what you are searching for.

Here are the top seven alternative search tools. Give them a try, and you may end up pleasantly surprised.

  1. Spezify

    Spezify is a search engine that presents results

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  1. Marketing & Network says:

    Very useful, thank you. I like all these search engines.

  2. nicholas says:

    I LOVE THIS SITE! This is now the 5th list I’m on. Keep them coming!

  3. Lightfoot says:

    http://UnGoogle.org is another great search site.

  4. There is a new search engine from Switzerland called CENTIL-Europe, http://www.centil-europe.de with its own index.


  1. Scour & Swagbucks says:

    […] & Swagbucks I was reading an article about the best seven alternative search engines (Best Alternative Search Engines Useful Online Search Tools) and they mentioned Scour, which apparently has a rewards system, a bit like Swagbucks. Why do you […]

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