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Top 10 Legal Highs

Yes, there are legal ways of getting high, apart from tear gas and dental surgery…  And believe it or not, they are as effective and as pleasurable as illegal ones. We tested out many herbal smokes that advertise on internet, and here are our top 10 picks that will give you something more than fruity flavor.

  1. Orange Krush Bud

    Orange Krush is the newest strain of legal buds. It features one of the most potent smokes we have tried. This bud smokes super smooth and is composed of chunks of bud with small red hairs. It has a hint orange scent that you will notice as soon as you break open the bag. Orange Krush is a hybrid all natural bud smoke that grows wild in the Peruvian jungles and several tropical islands.

    New Orange Krush Bud - Product Link

    Orange Krush Bud

  2. Dutch Haze Legal Bud

    This one looks amazing with huge sticky bright green buds of the highest quality, tastes great, smells even better and is a very satisfying smoke, to say the least.  Formulated with hydroponically grown legal herbs for maximum taste, flavor, smell, and smoker satisfaction.

    Dutch Haze Legal Bud smokers return to purchase this product 9 times out of 10 for a reason.  According to many returning customers, when it comes to herbal smokes, this product is the total bomb. Super taste and potent smell with a smooth burning, very satisfying smoke that is kind to the soul.  Dutch Haze Legal Bud is sure to provide any smoker an extremely pleasurable smoking experience.

    Dutch Haze Legal Herbal Buds

    Dutch Haze Legal Bud

  3. Blueberry Herbal Hybrid

    Beautiful Blueberry Herbal Hybrid with hint of blueberry scent, filled with gorgeous red hairs make this new exotic herbal smoke one of our top choices for an “all bud” smoke! Blueberry Herbal Hybrid is composed of 100% legal exotic herbs, this bud produces one potent, sweet smelling, super relaxing smoke!   Extremely satisfying and of the absolute highest quality,  the smoke from this legal bud is sure to impress any herbal smoker.

    Blueberry Bud 100% herbal buds

    Blueberry Herbal Hybrid

  4. Jamaican Gold Bud™

    Bright green buds of the absolute highest quality. Incredibly fresh, ultra potent bud that produces a smooth tasting, easy burning smoke, which is not only tasty, but extremely satisfying. No matter what type of smoking experience you are looking for, you will not be disappointed with Jamaican Gold Bud.Jamaican Gold Bud smokes great in your favorite smoking device or rolled with cigarette papers. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this legal herbal “smoke of the gods” today.

    Jamaican Gold Bud from.

    Jamaican Gold Bud

  5. Maui Hybrid

    This tropical bud import features an incredibly potent smell and a natural high smoke.  Maui Hybrid Bud is directly imported fresh from island of Maui for optimal potency.  A soft, multi-red haired, dense bud, with a wonderful sweet aroma which is so fresh it is actually a bit sticky to the touch.  This product smokes great in your favorite herbal smoking device or rolled with a cigarette paper.  It has a potent flavorful smoke, which provides a very relaxing smoking experience.  We recommend this product for anyone who is looking to enjoy an extremely pleasurable pipeful or cigarette of some premium tropical herbal bud, one of the best in the world.  A best seller for over 4 consecutive years. 100% legal, 100% natural with nothing added.  Check out one of our repeat customer’s favorite tropical bud imports!

    Buy Legal Buds Online HERE! 100% Legal Herbal Buds

    Maui Hybrid

  6. Hawaiian Haze Bud

    An ultra potent all bud smoke.  Hawaiian Haze is a rare strain of exotic hawaiian herbal buds grown in the rich volcanic soil of Hawaii. The world’s strongest legal bud. Ultra Potent.  Hawaiian Haze Bud is sure to provide any smoker an extremely pleasurable smoking experience.

    This plant was voted the world’s best 100% legal smoke by top smoking magazine readers 7 years in a row for it’s extremely potent smoke and uncanny smell & appearance. Unlike any other herbal bud available today, the smoke is ultra potent, and very fresh. Tastes great and purchased by thousands of satisfied repeat customers, making this one of our top herbal smokes and the #1 selling legal bud in the world.  Hawaiian Haze Buds burn smooth in a pipe, or rolled with paper or smoked in your favorite smoking device. Herbal Smoke Rating: Incredibly enjoyable, substantially potent smoke, that is extremely satisfying.

    hawaiian haze
    Hawaiian Haze

  7. Black Magic Herbal Solid Concentrate

    Not for the weak! This blend is 100% natural and contains high-grade essential oils and resin extracts imported from India. It’s truly one of the best solid herbal smokes and has now been sold for over 8 years. Ultra potent very flavorful smoke, compiled of ultra thick concentrated choice exotic herbal oils and resins. Can be smoked alone, or mixed with another herbal smoke.

    Black Magic Herbal solid concentrate Legal Solid Smoke from. www.herbal-smoke-shop.com

    Black Magic Herbal Concentrate

  8. Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate

    A wonderful smoke! Super concentrated thick resin was used to formulate our world famous Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate.  Honey Blonde Solid won best solid concentrate product by top smoking magazines 4 years in a row!  It is yet another one of our favorites!  Honey Blonde in color, tastes great, with a very potent and extremely satisfying smoke of the highest quality.  Remember, herb grinders are very helpful with solid concentrates.

    Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate

    Honey Blonde Solid Concentrate

  9. Arabian Brown Solid Concentrate

    Composed of all the resins of the worlds highest quality legal herbs. This original solid is dark in color, with shiny spots where the resin dried from it’s liquid state when being made. The smoke is sweet, not too harsh and very effective and will provide a very satisfying smoking experience. This product is quickly becoming one of our best selling smokes! An herb grinder works great with this product and all Solid Concentrates.

    Original Chocolate Solid Concentrate from. www.herbal-smoke-shop.com

    Arabian Brown Solid Concentrate

  10. Dreamsmoke Legal Smoking Blend

    The smoking blend you’ve been dreaming about! One of the most potent wild dagga enhanced blends ever sold. Dreamsmoke is fortified and infused with 25% crushed pure oaxacon Dried wild dagga. Wild dagga is a legal herb discovered thousands of years ago and used historically by native Americans for extreme smoking pleasure. This is the best wild dagga blend we were able to find anywhere.

    Herbal Dream Smoke

    DreamSmoke Legal Smoking Blend

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  1. They look awesome!

  2. Hi there, is it manageable to actually purchase medical marijuana within the law by going online? If ever you peeps have, might you recommend purchasing some just as before?

  3. mike quitting says:

    I have been getting all restless and zonked out these days as soon as puffing some powerful grass recently…
    Any of you folks encountering this? Its possible I only would need to limit the volume I’m blazing right…?

  4. found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  5. Tried Jamaican Bud and can vouch for it. A very long lasting high.

  6. Lucas Parker says:

    herbal highs are great for relaxing and meditation, they have that soothing property. I like blueberry, anyone tried that yet?

  7. Lynn St Julien says:

    herbal oils are nice to the skin and some are nutritious too when taken orally. i’d love to try some of these herbs, i’m sure they have a soothing effect to the soul too.

  8. Just checking if these comments are real or not.

    Seems like this top ten has been written by the people who sell the stuff, so hardly an unbiased opinion!!!

  9. Samuel A. Florentine says:

    This stuff sucks don’t buy it. Its too damn sticky and wet to smoke; and its not even in nuggs like it implies

  10. Howdy! I just would like to offer you a big thumbs up for the excellent information you have right here on this post.
    I will be returning to your web site for more soon.

  11. Angeline Callahan says:

    I take out a grape-flavoured one in brilliant mauve and eye Clapper’s Advanced Vaping System enviously. Check on V2Cigs!


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