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Different Gift Ideas – Top 10 Unconventional Gifts

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It’s that time of year again, Christmas is taking us all on a collective shopping spree, and most of us are running out of gift ideas. At least it seems that in the end everyone goes for typical gifts like a perfume, a book, or a pair of gloves. It could very well be the reason why every Christmas has that distinct déjà vu quality.

And now… Something completely different.

If you are looking for different kinds of gifts that will make this year stand out from the rest, check out these exceptional gift ideas. They are guaranteed to cause excitement and make you the star of the party.

  1. The Gift of Remembering

    For just USD $50 (a one-time registration fee), you can give someone in your life a push to write their life story. This is a perfect gift for anyone, but especially for parents and grandparents.

    The Remembering Site is for all who want to write and publish their life memories but have been overwhelmed at the prospect. The site makes writing your biography easy and fun. It has more than one thousand evocative, story-telling questions from childhood through grand-parenthood and all the phases of life in between, to lead you through the process.


  2. Learn a Foreign Language

    This is one great universal gift that can be given to anyone, a man or a woman, a friend or a lover, a child or a parent. After all, it’s never too early or too late to start learning a new language.

    Transparent Language Software has excellent reviews, and they offer more than  100 (yes, a hundred!) different foreign languages to choose from. You can go for something popular and useful like Spanish, French, Italian, or opt for the endangered and remote languages such as Altai, Tuvan, Buriat and Tajiki.

    What you get is a comprehensive language course on desktop software and audio CDs, featuring an interactive self-study program that delivers both vocabulary and real language in natural context.

    Foreign Language Software

    Transparent Language Software

  3. An Unforgettable Experience

    Give a gift of a unique experience. At XperienceDays you will find an impressively large collection of all kinds of fun and entertaining experiences. There is something for everyone’s affinities and tastes, from dance lessons, pottery classes and wine tasting to adventure gifts like a Formula Racing experience, a balloon ride, or a flying lesson.

    All gifts are presented in the form of a gift certificate which may be redeemed by the recipient at their convenience. All experience gifts are sent in an attractive gift pack.

    If you live in the UK, check out Firebox for unique gift experiences.


  4. Name a Star

    Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, recognizing a great achievement, or remembering someone dear to you, naming a shining star in the heavens is a unique and inspirational gift that will perfectly express your feelings and will last forever – and with a star named after them, they will never be forgotten.

    Name a Star

  5. Canvas Photo Print

    In the past, only professional photographers could make photo portraits into canvas prints, and this was time consuming and expensive, a luxury that most people wouldn’t spend their money on. Today the advancements of digital photography have made canvas printing easy and affordable, and a great way to turn your favorite snapshots into cherished works of art. All you need is a favorite photo in a decent resolution, so that it will be clear when it’s blown up on canvas. You can polish it and add special effects in PhotoShop, turn it into sepia, black and white, or even pop art.

    If you are looking for an original personal gift, canvas print is a great option. It is a work of art, and will have the durability to last for many years. Unlike photos that are printed on paper, and may discolor with age, a photo canvas that is properly cared for can be handed down from generation to generation, with little degradation to the image. At CanvasPress you can also buy Gift Cards from $50 -$500.

    Canvas Press

  6. Caricature King

    Caricature King lets you commission a caricature gift based on a photograph from several experienced caricature artists. The artists do not manipulate the image, but use it as the source for the caricature just as if you were sitting in front of them. Before the final art is completed, they will provide a pencil sketch to ensure things are on track.

    Every artist has a different style; they range from very realistic, hand-drawn classic, to cartoon-style, colorful and distorted head and body proportions, etc. Look at the samples of different artist’s caricature work and choose the art style you like best.

    Another fun option they have is doing a whole family caricature for Christmas cards. Cool, huh?

  7. LoveBook Online

    LoveBook Online offers another great unconventional gift. Their LoveBook™ Creator lets you make a list of all the reasons you love someone and personalize it with simple, fun drawings. Once that’s done, your book is printed, bound and shipped. You can create your own LoveBook, or select one of six different themes: Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s / Father’s Day, Grandparents, and Weddings.

    LoveBook Online

  8. Personalized Photo Puzzle

    Using your own photograph, you can make a unique Personalized Photo Puzzle gift for your family to enjoy. A photo puzzle can be made from any image or artwork such as a photo, painting, sketch or children’s drawing. Seeing your own creation made into a photo jigsaw, makes puzzle making even more fun. Makes a great gift for birthdays, family reunions, weddings and retirements.

    Personalized Photo Puzzle

    Personalized Photo Puzzle

  9. Astrology Forecast for 2012

    A day by day astrological forecast for the entire year ahead. That is probably the gift anyone would want. Wouldn’t you?

    At Astrology.Com you can order such a personalized day-by-day yearly forecast. This report is based on planetary transits and the way they influence the natal chart. It is a powerful personal tool that can be used as a road map to plan ahead and in times of uncertainty and indecision. One really nice feature is that it names each transit described, which is highly educational for those interested in learning astrology in more depth.


  10. Magazine Subscription

    If you want someone to think of you on regular basis, giving them a magazine subscription should do the trick. Magazine Agent is one of the largest online suppliers that offers over 1,200 magazine titles in more than 50 specialized top categories, which makes it easy to find a perfect magazine for anyone. They also have the lowest prices, free shipping and customer service that works 24/7. Take a look at the selection of magazines they offer and you will be impressed.

    Discount Magazine Subscriptions

    Magazine Agent

This list is still in the making, and we are open to all fresh ideas. If you have any suggestions regarding the gadgets that should be included, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.



  1. We got a caricature from Caricature King – turned out great and it was the most commentated on gift at the wedding (all good comments!).

  2. the personalized photo puzzle is cool. I also found some cool stuff over at http://www.dadshop.com.au has some nice gadget gifts.

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